Goodluck Jonathan: I Enjoyed the drama that Came with the APC nomination Form for me, but I will be Devaluing Myself if I run for Presidency Again


, the former president of Nigeria, has dispelled rumours that he might run for office once more in the nation.

The former President claimed that running for the highest political office in the land would degrade him.

Jonathan stated that he is unable to go out and begin campaigning and persuading people.


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This was said by Jonathan in an interview that was included in the book “My Time As Chaplain In Aso Rock,” which was released to the general public on Tuesday.

The accounts of Obioma Onwuzurumba, the chaplain of the Aso Rock Villa Chapel during the Jonathan administration, are included in the book written by Nathaniel Bivan.

“If you wake up tomorrow and find that I am President again, that means there may have been circumstances beyond my control,” Jonathan said in the interview.


I can not do that again, so I will not go choose one form, lobby people, and start running for office. That would make me look worse about myself.

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The former president also admitted that he took pleasure in the drama that followed the claim that he had bought the All Progressives Congress nomination form ()


Recall that Jonathan’s nomination and expression of interest forms cost N100 million, which was paid for by a group calling itself Nomadic Pastoralists and Almajirai Community, led by Ibrahim Abdullahi.

Speaking about the rumour, Jonathan said, “I was enjoying the drama. At least they do not call me names.

After all, I was told that I was not good enough when I was chased out of the office. So, if Nigerians are now urging this man to arrive, it means they are putting me in order. Let me now take in the drama.


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“I did not feel disturbed. I am aware that I cannot re-engage in the presidential campaign.

Not just Nigerians but also the majority of the top ambassadors, including the American ambassador, the High Commissioner, , and all of them, were posing these queries to me.


They came to see if I would challenge. I do not believe I would run for office.

“If I am President again when you wake up tomorrow, it may have been due to events beyond my control.


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However, you should not choose one form, go around Nigeria lobbying people, or run for office under the PDP or APC banners. I can not do that again because I would be lowering my standards.

He made it clear that his only concern is restoring democracy to unstable African states.

Assuming there is some confusion, Jonathan continued, “Things like that occasionally occur in nations.


So they ask me to help stabilise the situation because everyone wants a stable democracy where one leader can be replaced by another.

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“Let us proceed with that process without interfering with democratic procedures. We ask that such things not occur. If not, I will go ahead and say that I am running on the platform of any party. No!”


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