Gov Emmanuel donates N100M, relief materials to flood victims in Bayelsa

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Mr. Udom , the governor of Akwa Ibom State, has contributed N100 million and a truckload of relief materials to State’s flood victims.

donating to Bayelsa State the funds and equipment

Governor Emanuel said the gesture was a part of Akwa Ibom state’s endeavor to lessen the negative effects of the flood calamity on the people of Bayelsa during a speech by Senator Duoye Diri at the Government House in Yenagoa.

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He also praised the Bayelsa governor for acting swiftly to address the flood disaster in the state, stating that this had increased the public’s faith in the state government.

“When a horrible occurrence occurs, the people expect to the government to come to their aid, and I’m delighted that you have risen to the occasion and this has given your people hope,” he said.

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Senator Duoye Diri, the governor of Bayelsa State, responded by praising the governor’s visit and gifts and noting that Governor Emmanuel has established himself as a front-runner who has never been a politician.

“You called on the phone when this flood happened, which I thought was enough, but this visit by you may be really moving. With this action of yours, you may have responded to the demands of transformational management. This generation wants leaders, not politicians, and you have already established yourself as a front-runner. I can assure you that our people are overjoyed, and we will use these gifts that you have given us very wisely.

“This tragedy has internally displaced 99 percent of Bayelsa’s population. Since all of the transformers are underwater, homes are completely without electricity, and roads and communication networks have also collapsed. The destruction done to our people is unfathomable. Because of this, we are quite appreciative of your kind assistance. Senator Diri emphasized this.

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