Governor Samuel Ortom visits N7.5b ongoing projects at BSUTH, BENGIS


The repair work being done in the Wards and Theatre blocks of the Benue State University Teaching Hospital, BSUTH, has been praised by Governor Samuel Ortom.

The Governor also expressed his happiness that the multi-billion dollar Benue Geographic Information Service, BENGIS complex building is proceeding as expected.

He spoke on Wednesday, October 26th, 2022 after taking some time to check over the multi-billion naira BENGIS complex being built and the ongoing repair work at the University Teaching Hospital.


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The Governor gave an explanation of how the State Government had gotten a loan from the Central Bank of Nigeria for 2 billion Naira to modernize the state’s medical facilities.

The Governor provided a summary of the loan’s distribution and revealed that BSUTH spent N519 million on the renovation of the theater block and wards, totaling N1.1 billion.

“We also spent over $400 million to buy an MRI scanner,” he stated. The remaining $900 million has been distributed to various general hospitals in the state to upgrade medical facilities and improve the delivery of healthcare services to our people. In addition, we have purchased two dialysis machines and outfitted laboratories.


“This is a legacy project that will be here and help us,” he remarked. As a human, I could become ill tomorrow, just as any of us here could, and this is a tertiary facility for medical services that will need support.

“I praise the contractor; he did not let me down, did a good work, and kept his promises. He has told me that they would be able to finish their job in the following two months after the hospital is able to transfer the patients to the other two levels that have been finished.

The Governor also made time to see hospital patients who had been injured in varying degrees by alleged Fulani herders.

The Governor said, “Outside what I came to see, I had the honor of witnessing some persons who survived attacks by the Fulani herdsmen attacks,” in a voice filled with grief. The two eyes of a young man were amputated by Fulani militants, while the legs and hands of the others were severed.

There is no other crises like the one involving herders and farmers, Governor Ortom insisted. The only things that have come to send our people away are banditry and evil. I won’t do it because I have over 2 million IDPs and they expect me to be laughing and dining with them.


While applauding President Muhammadu Buhari for ordering that those responsible for the massacre at Gbeji in the Ukum local government be brought to justice, he disapproved of recent remarks made by the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, who was accused of favoring his Fulani kin over the country as a whole.

“For someone who is aspiring to be President,” the Governor said. It demonstrates unequivocally that Benue State and some of us are not secure if he is elected president.

As long as he is governor, he insisted, “Nobody can stop me from speaking up for my people and defending lives and property in Benue State. I can thus continue to speak up for my countrymen despite Atiku. Let him stop his kin from killing my people if he wants to stop me. This wickedness is only being carried out by Fulani terrorists, he claimed.

Engineer Steven Akange of Privent Construction Nigeria Limited, the company in charge of the BSUTH project, said the work is 70% finished and the final 30% will be finished in the next two months for commissioning.

The quality and speed of the work done are a result of the State Government’s complete commitment, he claimed, adding that all materials needed to complete the project task were on site.


Engr Akange acknowledged that the State Government had faithfully upheld its end of the bargain as outlined in the contract and complimented Governor Ortom for using some of the regional contractors.

The first and second top floors of the wards and theaters have undergone extensive renovations, even beyond the original plan, according to the Chief Medical Director of BSUTH, Professor Terrumun Swende. “We have created more spaces, including call rooms at each floor,” he said. We provide furnished call rooms for doctors.


He added that he had approved the installation of a water treatment plant at the hospital and declared that equipment had been purchased. He praised Governor Ortom for following through on his promises.

At BENGIS, Governor Ortom also expressed his satisfaction with the project’s execution, pointing out that it is one of his administration’s legacy projects, has been completed at a cost of 6.5 billion Naira, and was one of the first projects to be eligible for the World Bank grant of 2.5 Million Dollars.

We are excited about this project because we have a population that is expanding and a landmass that needs to be well contained, he said. Both the timeliness and the caliber of the work satisfy me. I am not dissatisfied, and I am anticipating that this project will be ready for commissioning in the upcoming month so that the processes for obtaining land titles throughout Benue State, not just in Makurdi but in all of the important towns in the state, would go quickly.


The project is 90% complete, according to Bernard Unenge, Commissioner for Lands, Survey, and Solid Minerals. He said that the building is finished, the furnishing has started, and the exterior work will be finished in the next month to prepare the project for commissioning.

In addition, Mario Bajouk, the project manager, confirmed that the main building has internet connectivity. He also noted that the exterior work will be finished by the first week of December and thanked Governor Ortom for his consistent support since the project’s inception.



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