Gov Wike Gives Commissioner 24 Hours To Begin Road Project Or Get Sacked


Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State, has threatened George-Kelly Alabo, his commissioner for works.

He was forewarned by Wike that he might lose his job if the road project’s contractors failed to mobilize to the site within 24 hours.

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While conducting the official flag-off of the Ekagho-Ogboloma-Adada Link Road’s construction in the state on Friday, the governor verbally threatened the Commissioner with the termination of his or her appointment.


The governor interrupted his speech and asked the construction company’s representatives why they hadn’t mobilized to the site.

Why didn’t they mobilize to Abua? Why have they not mobilized if they have collected the funds? He inquired with the Commissioner

Inaudibly, the Commissioner replied to what the governor said.


How do preliminary works work? Did they initially collect our money? Call the business right away! Bring them here, please.

The governor questioned why the company had not “moved to site on the other road in Abua” after receiving funding from the state government when a man of South Asian descent appeared before him.


The unnamed contractor responded, “Soon we will start moving to that place.

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Governor Wike responded, clearly furious;

“Commissioner for Works, you have 24 hours to respond. Please immediately return our money if they don’t leave the area. As you can see, the company is only a small part of the issue. Even the people in charge of overseeing the work are contributing to our problems.


You’re telling us that this company is getting ready after taking our money more than two months ago, even though the money was collected more than two months ago. I will fire you as the Commissioner for Works if they start working on the site before tomorrow.

Wike claims that the reason for the delay is without merit.


You shouldn’t take our money, deposit it in a bank, and then run your other businesses while the people suffer. The rains will begin in March before you know it, and you’ll say to us, “Because of rain…,” when they do. It’s impossible, he said.

In order to get his attention, the Rivers governor advised the residents of Abua/Odual to “shout” and “cry” on social media if they noticed a slow progress on the project.


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