Gunmen cut open eight-month pregnant woman, steal unborn baby (Photo)


On Tuesday, a pregnant Mexican woman who was eight months along in her pregnancy was discovered dead after allegedly being attacked by gunmen who then cut her open in order to steal her unborn child.

According to the authorities, the woman was assaulted by two suspects on Monday, but her unborn child was saved in time.

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According to the report, Rosa Isela Castro Vazquez, the victim, was a twenty-year-old woman who was kidnapped by two suspects who then cut the baby out of her womb and dumped her body in Medellin del Bravo, which is located in the state of Veracruz in Mexico.


According to the office of the attorney general in the state of Veracruz’s eastern region, police were able to identify the suspects as a man and a woman after discovering that the pair had a newborn infant in their custody. This led to the suspects’ apprehension and subsequent arrest.

It is alleged that they cut the victim open in order to remove the foetus from the victim because the woman who carried out the attack was unable to have children of her own.

See Photo of the Victim, Rosa Isela Castro Vazquez and the Suspects; Gonzalo and Veronica

Gunmen cut open eight-month pregnant Mexican woman, steal unborn baby


The identities of the suspects were kept secret by the police.

Gonzalo “N” and Veronica “N” were apprehended by Ministerial Police and charged with being the alleged perpetrators of the disappearance crime committed by individuals.


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Because of the local privacy laws, it hid the suspect’s full name by using the letter ‘N,’ as is common practise in Mexico.

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