Halima Abubakar Opens up on another Shocking Revelation of Apostle Suleman


Apostle Suleman slept with me while bleeding, I lost three pregnancies – alleges

Halima Abubakar, a well-known actress, has once more brought up her alleged relationship with .

Recall that the actress in 2022 claimed that she had an affair with him because he claimed to be a divorcee with three kids.


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Halima also claimed that the cleric had broken his promise to wed her and was responsible for a long-running, potentially fatal illness.

In response to the accusations, Suleman filed a lawsuit against Halima.

He had claimed that the accusations were untrue, malicious, defamatory, baseless, false, and meant to extort money.


Halima claimed Suleman proposed to her more than seven times during their relationship and introduced himself to her parents in a recent Instagram live video with comedian Princess.

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“I was unaware that he was married. He admitted to being divorced. He used to refuse my pleas for him to leave and reconcile with his wife. More than seven times, he asked me to marry him. She claimed that he introduced himself to my parents and got involved with them.


She went on to describe how she lost three pregnancies and bled for four years.

He continued to have sex with me in that manner while the blood never stopped. He used to have sex with me during my period, so I assumed it was normal, so I didn’t see any significance in it because I’m not a spiritual person.

He was sobbing that I had killed his child when I snapped. You’ll believe it to be true. I had three pregnancies; the last one left me bleeding, and I had to take a pill to stop it, Halima Added.


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“I endured four years of bleeding. The risky part of it was that he was sleeping with me even though I was bleeding, despite his assurances to the contrary. He told me he can’t sleep with anyone else, but that since it was me, it was okay.

“I was naive and not spiritual, so the whole thing caught me off guard. I was unsure if it was love.


These are some of the photos Suleman and I took on Valentine’s Day at a hotel. Even some of his personal photos were sent to me. His age at the time was 41. She added, “I have a printout of the bank transactions between us.


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