Happy New Month of December Wishes, prayer, Messages and Quotes for 2023

I wish you a Happy New Month of December

60 Happy New Month Messages, Wishes, prayer and Quotes for the Month of December 2023

As the last month of the year, December prepares us for the coming year. Anyone who lives from January to December should thank God especially.

This page now contains all of the Yuletide greetings you’ll want to send to your lover, friends, and loved ones this month.


Wait… In advance, I wish you a Merry and a Happy New Year!

“Beyond the merrymaking of the holidays… Beyond the emotions that surround this holiday season… Even as the year comes to a close, I wish you a New Month filled with unfathomable joy and laughter. From me to you, I wish you a .”

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1. I pray that God surprises and blesses you this December with whatever your heart desires. May God never cease to amaze you. Happy New Month of December.


2. May the Lord hear your cry, and He will vindicate you, and you will rise among your peers and in your family home. This month, He will be your rock, fortress, and deliverer.

3. Because it is the last month of the year, every embargo placed on you by the devil shall be removed in ’ name. Happy New Month of December!


4. May this last month of the year be one of your most blessed and happy. Happy new month!

5. December has arrived! May the bad things that have happened in the last month stay away from you and your family. Happy New Month of December!

6. As we approach the new year, I wish you all the best. Happy new month!


7. May the good fortune of the last month of the year be yours. .

8. As the new year approaches, may God surprise you with new year gifts. Happy New Month of December.


9. In Jesus’ name, may people gather in your honour to celebrate you. Always faithful!

10. Happy new month! I wish you God’s complete protection as you begin the new year in peace.


11. God will lavishly bless you and broaden your horizons. As the year comes to a close, He will be with you in everything you do, protecting you from all evil and disaster. Wonderful month of December!


New month wishes to my love for December 2023.

12. These are my best wishes for you this month and in the future.
God’s Favor!
The month is packed with opportunities for you. Merry Christmas!


13. Pursue them, because you will undoubtedly overtake them and recover everything. Welcome to December, the month of complete recuperation. Shalom.

14. To put it bluntly, your life will extol God’s majesty throughout the month. May you live happily ever after in God’s glory. Happy New Month of December!


15. God has raised you as a Champion to shake the world in these final days. You will be invited to advise kings of various nations. You’re brilliant! Your December needs to bloom!

16. May your destiny assisters find you in this new and final month of the year. Never again will destiny destroyers teach you how to live your life. Amen. It’s your month of witness.

17. The open door in front of you will expand. As you continue to glow, you will grow wiser and your garment will become whiter than snow. Cheers to the end of the year.

18. Consign the previous months to the silent limbo of the past. Let it go because it was flawed, and thank God that it can go. Merry Christmas!


19. Approach the new month of December with vigour, determined to achieve all of your goals. You are invincible!

20. With love in my heart, I wish you a Happy New Month of December. Amen.

21. The end of a matter is preferable to the beginning. As we approach the end of the year, I see Joy, Peace, and Uplifting. May happiness never leave your life.

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22. Everything you couldn’t do from January to November, God will easily deliver to you this December. Happy New Month of December

23. 30 days until the New Year, 335 days in your present past, may you reap all that is new this month. Amen. Happy New Month!

24. May you achieve more this month, and may all pending blessings arrive quickly. December has arrived!

25. Today’s Top 25. This is a December you will never forget. You will never be an observer but a Blessed because the Lord’s glory will shine so brightly on you that you will never be discovered. Merry Christmas!

26. Every year ends on December 26th. Allow all of your hidden blessings to fall on you this December. Happy New Month!


27. In Jesus’ name, may the month of December be kind to you and your family. Happy New Month of December

28. Praise God, you’re a winner. God will never be angry with you as you enter the final month of the year. Continue to win. Happy New Month of December.

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29. Hello and welcome to December. The Month of Completion
He who began good works in you will see them through to completion. You’ll have a successful month!

30. May December provide you with enough great testimonies to last a lifetime. Amen.

31. In Jesus’ name, if there is any news about you or your loved ones, it will only be good news. Take advantage of this month.

32. God will fight for you in this new month, and you will keep your peace. Everything is fine with you.

33. May all of your hopes and dreams come true from January to December. Have a wonderful December!


34. Thank God for the opportunity to see another December. I’m hoping that this will be the best month yet. Happy New Month!

35. Please know that God is still committed to loving and blessing you. So there should be no cause for concern this DECEMBER. Happy new month!

Perfection is represented by the number.

36. December is the month of completion. God bless you as you establish, strengthen, and settle. Happy New Month of December

37. As December begins, you have entered your greatness, abundance, and excess favour. Happy New Month!

38. At long last, it’s December 1st. So much has happened in the last 11 months, but we can only be grateful to be alive. God is on our side.

39. You will smile and not cry as long as God lives. And you’ll end the year on a high note. Happy New Month to you and yours!

40. December has arrived once more. May this festive month bring you joy and laughter and keep you happy for the rest of your life.  I wish you a Happy New Month of December!


41. Happy new month, and welcome to the month of celebration and growth. This December, nothing will steal your joy. December, Happy New Month!

42. God will be ahead of you in all aspects of your life during the month of December. And no weapon formed against you will be successful. Amen.

43. May everything you desire come to you. This December will bring back long-forgotten hopes and dreams. Happy New Month!

44. May God grant you grace and favour to get through this month. December has arrived.

45. As you trust God in all things this December, you will be troubled like Mount Zion. Amen. I wish you a Happy New Month of December!

46. May the heavens honour your knees in prayer and recognise your voice in praise. Happy new month!

47. May God wash away the rain of pain in your life and bring you rain of gain. Merry Christmas!

48. I wish you a fantastic and wonderful month. May the amazing breakthrough and double portion of God’s anointing be with you now and forever during this season of celebration. I wish you a Happy New Month of December!


49. As you have seen , December 1st, everything that remains to be done in your life will be attended to by God, in Jesus name. Happy New Month!

50. God will honour you this new month and forever in ways you cannot comprehend, through means you cannot comprehend, for reasons He alone knows, and with results that will gladden your heart. Happy New Month of December

51. May God raise you above your contemporaries this month. I wish you a Happy New Month of December

52. During this holiday season, may the peace of God that surpasses human comprehension rest upon you and your family. I wish you a Happy New Month of December

53. May the Lord bless you with fruitfulness and productivity in all areas. December, welcome to the new month.

54. I wish you a Happy New Month of December. I wish you all the riches of God’s love and grace. Enjoy!!

55. This is December, the final month of the year. I pray for God’s favour, mercy, progress, and victory over your trials and tribulations. Merry Christmas in advance.

56. Wooh! Today is December 1st. We made it, thank God. I wish you a Happy New Month of December, may God lift you up.


57. May you be fruitful in all you do, empowered for significance, poised for greatness, and prepared for this wonderful season. Happy New Month of December to you.

Happy New Month best wishes, Quotes and Prayers for December 2023

58. You will soar like the eagle.
You will be more valuable than gold, you will shine brightly like the sun, and your joy will be limitless. December has arrived!

59. May this month of December bring you many opportunities to achieve all of your life’s happiness and success. Amen. Happy New Month of December to you.

60. May your projections and intentions for the coming years be accurate, bringing all of your dreams to fruition. And all of your efforts will result in great accomplishments. Happy New Month of December to you.




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