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Harrysong’s Estranged Wife Speaks Out on Alleged Infidelity, Makes Shocking ‘Bedwetting’ Claim Against Singer

Harrysong's Estranged Wife Speaks Out on Alleged Infidelity, Makes Shocking 'Bedwetting' Claim Against Singer"

Harrysong’s Estranged Wife, Alexer Peres, Responds to Cheating Allegations

In a dramatic turn of events, Alexer Peres, the estranged wife of Nigerian singer Harrysong, has publicly responded to his accusations of infidelity. Harrysong had alleged that Peres was unfaithful during their marriage, even claiming she became pregnant by another man while still married to him. He further expressed regret over marrying into her family, accusing her mother of having been married to seven different men and still being unfaithful.

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Peres has firmly denied these allegations, challenging Harrysong to present any evidence of her alleged infidelity. She clarified that her mother has only remarried once following the death of her father, countering Harrysong’s claims. Peres also turned the tables by making startling revelations about Harrysong’s family background and personal habits.

On her Instagram account, Peres wrote: “Do you all know that Harrysong bed wets? Yes, a celebrity who pisses in his sleep. I deal with this daily while calling him my lord.” She continued to dispute Harrysong’s narrative that she manipulated him into marriage, describing the accusation as absurd. “You said I convinced you to get married to me? A 20-year-old girl convincing a full-grown man to marry her? Please make me understand,” she wrote.

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Peres went on to accuse Harrysong’s mother of having six children with six different men, none of whom she was married to, and labeled Harrysong as a product of incest. She questioned why he would attack her family when his own background had its issues, saying, “Why throw stones when you live in a glass house?”

In her Instagram post, Peres also declared her willingness to undergo DNA testing to clear her name regarding the paternity of her children. Additionally, she accused Harrysong of infecting her with multiple sexually transmitted diseases, with the exceptions of HIV and Hepatitis B.

The allegations and counter-allegations between Harrysong and Peres have brought their personal issues into the public eye, highlighting a deeply troubled relationship.

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