“He is good but i can never collabo with him” Spyro speaks on why he will never collaborate with Portable


Our Music Don’t Align – Speaks On Why He Will Never Collaborate With


Spyro, a rising Nigerian musician, has stated that he would never collaborate with his colleague Portable.


According to him, their musical styles are dissimilar, and Portable would not perform well if he composed a song for him.


This was stated by the ‘Who’s Your Guy’ singer in a recent interview with Cool FM, Lagos.


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When asked who he would never write a song for, Spyro replied, “Not because I have a problem with him, but because our musical paths simply do not cross, so to speak. Portable, I guess.



It cannot work. He wouldn’t be able to perform the type of music I would compose for him because it’s above his skill level.”



He stated, however, that Portable is a talented singer.



Meanwhile in another development, the United Kingdom is about to announce new restrictions that will likely prevent Nigerian and other international students from bringing their families to the country.


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All master’s students and many other post-graduates will be prohibited from bringing family members.



However, the ban will not apply to doctoral students, whose courses typically last between three and five years and require a high level of expertise.


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