How APC, FG allegedly duplicated Peter Obi’s passport to implicate him


The news that , the presidential candidate of the , was detained, spent his Easter in a cell, was deported by the police, and is being spread by APC and some reputable media platforms is fake news.

Ejes Gist News Nigeria had early reported that Prof. Chinyere Okunna, a famous mass communications scholar and Deputy Vice Chancellor of Paul University Awka who is also a confidant of Peter Obi, revealed on his Facebook page that Peter Obi told him he was held for some hours for impersonation and was released thereafter.


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“Obi spoke to me at the Official Opening of the Specialist Hospital of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) Sisters, Nkpor (on Tuesday). He had arrived at the event after flying in from London.

Possible plot against Peter Obi by government?

Mr Onifade noted that since Peter Obi was told to go to court since he feels unsatisfied with the election outcome, which all international monitors chorused was flawed and full of imperfections and he accepted, there have been severe attacks on him from all corners.

“Even the Federal Government who directed him to go to court even dispatched the Minister of Information Lai Mohammad to the United States to attempt at de-marketing him and accused him of treason,” the statement said.


Mr Onifade accused the government of bugging Mr Obi’s phone while possibly looking for information to portray him badly before a section of the country who had voted for him massively.

“As if they were not getting the desired results of denting his image, and possibly placing the traducers under a heavier conscience load, they tried to persuade him to leave the country and go take a rest,” he said, adding that it is also not impossible that those urging him to leave the country may have planted the impersonators ostensibly to tar the Eagle’s immaculate appearance.


“The Obi-Datti Media office will like to therefore assure all persons of goodwill especially the Obidients that the Rock is not deterred as he is ready to suffer the pain and remain even more determined to pursue whichever path his creator destined for him in Nigeria,” Mr Onifade said.




Investigation has revealed that he (Peter Obi) was detained for some hours in the UK because someone with his passport had already entered the country.

It was also confirmed that Peter Obi’s Nigerian passport is allegedly duplicated, and someone is impersonating him in the UK. There is no way that someone’s passport will be duplicated without the knowledge of the Federal Government (immigration) due to the fact that all passports are being processed using the NIN.



The implication of this is that a crime that might be committed in the UK with that passport will be tied to Mr. Peter Obi.

Sources who don’t want their names in the media confirmed that the duplicate passport was done by APC in collaboration with the Federal Government.


Fact 1: On April 10, a video of RCCG pastor Irukwu went viral after he mistakenly introduced Peter Obi as president in London. The said event happened on Easter… Therefore, the news that Peter Obi spent his Easter Sunday in detention is false.

Fact 2: The news of Peter Obi’s detention went viral after it was made public by Prof. Chinyere Okunna. No foreign media outlets carried the news because it was a normal way to check someone in the UK for duplicate passports. There is no way Peter Obi will be arrested and deported, and it will not make headlines on the BBC, CBN, or other reputable international media.




Conclusion: Prof. Chinyere Okunna raised the alarm to thwart APC and FG plans of implicating Peter Obi. Peter Obi was detained for some hours; he was never deported and didn’t spend Easter in police custody.

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