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How I Saved Tinubu from Impeachment: Atiku Reveals Shocking Details


Atiku Abubakar Claims He Saved Tinubu from Impeachment. 

In a recent development, Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate for the 2023 elections, has claimed that he played a crucial role in preventing President Bola Tinubu from being impeached during his tenure as Lagos State governor.

Atiku’s statement comes as a response to a comment made by Vice President Kashim Shettima. During an event on Thursday, Shettima remarked that both Atiku and National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu had benefited from President Tinubu’s political support during periods of persecution.


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Shettima noted that Tinubu’s residence in Bourdillon served as a sanctuary for Atiku when he faced alleged harassment, intimidation, and expulsion from the PDP.

“He has been a veritable sanctuary for victims of political witch-hunts. When Atiku Abubakar was harassed in the Peoples Democratic Party, it was Bourdillon he ran to for support, and it was in Bourdillon that he got the needed support and later contested for the presidency of this country,” Shettima stated.


Reacting to these comments, Atiku, through his Media Adviser Paul Ibe, contended that Shettima was mistaken. Atiku asserted that it was actually Tinubu who benefited from his support, particularly during his tenure as Lagos State governor, which could have been jeopardised without Atiku’s intervention.

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Atiku emphasised, “But for my support, hinged on pro-democracy instincts and rule of law, Tinubu’s tenure as governor of Lagos would have been rough with a wide possibility of the termination of his political career.”

Addressing claims about the formation of the Action Congress (AC), Atiku clarified that the party was not solely Tinubu’s creation. He explained that the AC emerged from a coalition that included the Advance Congress of Democrats (ACD) and members of Tinubu’s faction of the Alliance for Democracy (AD). Atiku highlighted that his presidential nomination by the AC involved delegates from across Nigeria, not just Tinubu’s influence.

The statement listed notable figures involved in Atiku’s nomination, underscoring that it was a collective decision rather than one dominated by Tinubu. Atiku urged Shettima to refrain from commenting on topics about which he has limited knowledge.


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