How Florence Ita Giwa Took My Pictures, Bought A Piece of Land At Hukins And Buried It — Grace Eyo Ita


Grace Eyo Ita has revealed how Florence Ita Giwa took took her law school pictures, bought a piece of land at Hukins and buried it.

Eyo Ita made the revelation in a post she addressed to her friend, Senator Florence Ita Giwa.

The statement reads in part;


“I came out to contest the first senior election under UNCP, to represent Southern Senatorial District, under the chairmanship of Ntufam Joe Ndem Ndifon. I contested with Sen Bassey Ewa Henshaw and won as candidate of the Party, then contested with an opponent, my senior sister, Mma Florence Giwa, and also won, the rest is history. Obong Victor Attah who later became the Governor of Akwa Ibom State invited me to an Association formed by Chief Alabo Graham Douglas, called National Summit. I was the coordinator of that group in Cross River State.

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“From there we formed G34. I am the first and only member of G34 in Cross River State. I’m also Number One person in my state, Cross River during the formation of the PDP. if I go into the nitty gritty of how everything happened in Nuga Hilton Hotel in Abuja then, to Akwa Ibom House, to my house in Lagos and to Effanga Mkpa, my then Calabar residence. Then to Rt Hon Orok Otu Duke’s house at State Housing, we would not leave this place, I was given the mandate by all those who joined me in the PDP to appoint the people to run our party.


“My own interest was to be the Senator representing the Southern senatorial district, but man proposes and God can approve or dispose. Donald Duke, Liyel Imoke, Gershom Bassey, Don Claimz Enameh, Orok Duke, Hilliard Etta, Princess Sandra Achinong, and a few others were in these meetings. We brought in Rev. Benedict Ikobi, who was close to Kanu Agabi, as Chairman, Chief Bassey Edem who was close to Donald Duke as Secretary and John Olafor to represent the interest of Major Obi Odu.

“After all my stress, Sen Florence Giwa was preferred, and I was dropped. Since I know that God is the only one that gives power and that God wanted Florence to be announced, I sent a congratulatory message to her, but what did she do? She took my pictures that I suffered to go to Law School, placed them on a coffin, paraded round this God owned City and bought a peace of land at Hukins and buried it.

“Florence is very vindictive, Chief Anthony Ani former Finance Minister, during UNCP and APP gave each of us N2,500,000. I have remained loyal to him, despite his role in my PDP elections. When Chief Ani went in to contest the Obongship of Calabar, Florence was the first to carry placards against him. Without Donald and Liyel, Florence wouldn’t have been in the Senate, but as ungrateful as she is, she said Donald came to Calabar with a suit case and was squarting with Geshom Bassey.

“Donald is from a big home, Liyel is from a big home Geshom is from a big home, I and Ma Florence are from what we call humble homes, who should insult the other? It was the belief of Donald and Geshom that an Efik lady should go to the Senate, and because of the bond of friendship among them, Liyel supported his friends, and today, as a result of that she is being addressed as a Senator of the Federal Republic. How could she so easily forget them? She referred to them in an uncultured manner. I, who should be angry, I’m happy, maybe because I know the Bible.

“Ayade is my son, Prince Otu is my brother, Donald and Liyel are my younger brothers, so as a mother and senior sister, if they quarrel, what is expected of me and Mma Florence Is to call them to order, settle issues amongst them and make peace. I’m shocked at the kind of things Mma Florence said with her mouth about Donald. Just as I and Florence have a right to support any person of our choice, the ultimate is God who has the final say.


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“How can Florence Ita Giwa have the courage to insult Donald Duke after everything that Donald has done for her, just because she has found a new paymaster. Watch out and see, and you will remember my statement today that once PDP returns to power, Florence will run back to PDP. How can she accuse Donald Duke of selling Bakassi to Cameroun when she herself was deeply involved in everything that happened to Bakassi from the federal level at that time.

“When I was approached to support the Back to South agenda, I told them that I will support the idea, provided they microzoned to the Akamkpa – Biased axis because we cannot be talking about justice and equity without applying the same principle to our own brothers here in the South. As you can see, the back to south agenda is really a Back to Efik agenda, if not, how come Akamkpa-Biase was not even considered for the Senate position in terms of zoning, talk less of the governorship position?

“As for Prof. Sandy Onor, he is as well from the South because his mother is from Mkame in Oban axis of Akamkpa and as you are well aware, in our matrilineal tradition, a child is first from where his mother comes from.

“You cannot say that Donald was poor at any time. He got Uncle Ben’s rice franchise at Apapa before he became the Honourable Commissioner for Finance in Cross River State in Clement Ebri’s Administration.The first time I met him, was in his warehouse at Apapa.



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