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How I almost dropped out of school at primary three – Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan Opens Up


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Goodluck Jonathan, a former president, has spoken about the difficulties he faced in school while growing up in his native Bayelsa state.


The former president of Nigeria claimed that without the encouragement of his late uncle, Omieworio Afeni, he would have quit school in primary three.


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When Elder Omieworio Afeni, the younger brother of Jonathan’s mother, died at the age of 87 and was buried on Friday in Otuoke, Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, Jonathan made this statement during the funeral service.


Speaking at the funeral service held at St. Stephen Anglican Church in Otuoke, Jonathan said his late uncle supported him in continuing his education and was responsible for his academic success.



The former president of Nigeria characterised his late uncle as a kind man who always thought the right thing to do.


“My uncle was a very compassionate man,” he said. Uncle encouraged me to finish primary school when I would have quit after the third grade.


Christians are viewed as pilgrims on earth who have been given various responsibilities while residing in this world, from which we will undoubtedly depart once our time on it is over.


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“Even with this consciousness ever-present in mortals’ minds, there is always a sense of loss when a loved one passes away, regardless of the circumstances or age of the deceased.


For the memories we shared, the time we spent together, the legacy they left behind, and the lessons we were able to take away from their life and times, we will always miss the people we love.


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This is the unpleasant emotion I am currently experiencing as a result of my beloved uncle, Elder Omieworio Afeni, who lived for 87 years, passing on to eternal glory.


“My uncle was a good man; he was direct, orderly, honest, and very hospitable to family members and everyone else who came into contact with him.


He was a good family man, a devoted sibling to my mother, who took on fatherly duties at a very young age, and he lived admirably, serving as an inspiration to many in the family and the community.


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Senator Douye Diri, governor of Bayelsa State, urged his people to love one another by describing death as the end of every human being.


He claimed that the late Afeni, from whom former President Jonathan drew his philosophy, lived a good life deserving of imitation.


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