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How I Was Tied Up and Almost Burnt Alive With My Gang – Daddy Showkey Recounts Near-Death (Video)

Daddy Showkey Recounts Near-Death

Daddy Showkey Recounts Near-Death Experience During Gang Involvement

LAGOS, Nigeria — Veteran Nigerian singer Daddy Showkey has opened up about a harrowing incident from his youth, revealing how he was nearly lynched to death while involved in gang activities in Ikorodu, Lagos State. The revelation came in a teaser for an upcoming episode of ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast.

According to Daddy Showkey, he and a group of young men discovered a gun at a refuse dump and subsequently began using it to terrorize their community. This reckless behavior continued until one fateful day when they were apprehended by locals.


We found a gun where we used to pick valuables from a refuse dump in Ikorodu and started using it to terrorize the area,” he said. “One day, someone saw us and started screaming, ‘thieves, thieves, thieves.’ We tried to run, but we were caught. They tied us up and were about to burn us alive, but we were miraculously saved.”

Daddy Showkey described this near-death experience as a pivotal moment in his life. He emphasized that his survival and subsequent success serve as a testament to the potential for change and redemption, no matter how troubled one’s past may be.

I am a living testimony for every young person,” he stated. “If I can be alive today and still become Daddy Showkey, then there’s hope for everyone.”


Tragically, he also disclosed that one of his gang members was later caught and lynched.

Daddy Showkey’s story underscores the challenges faced by many youths in Nigeria and the potential for transformation through resilience and determination.

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