How Labour Party Governorship Candidate was Arrested Emerges

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Police Arrest

The Nigerian police have detained , a candidate for governor of the Plateau State , in Abuja.

Mr. Margif was quickly driven away on Thursday in the Federal Capital Territory along the backed-up Kubwa expressway.

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Margif’s running mate Jack Dung Bot claimed on Friday that he was unable to speak because he was “too emotional” and “trying to put himself together.”

A member of Mr. Margif’s family confirmed his arrest, but she was unable to immediately explain his detention or the police station to which he had been taken.

I asked someone to tell me the station because I didn’t know it, and he promised to call back, but nobody has yet provided me with any information, he said.”

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News of Mr. Margif’s arrest broke days after the Labour Party notified that some candidates, including Mr. Margif, had dropped out of the race and provided new dates for the holding of new primaries in the affected states.

“There is a plan to elect a new face to represent the party. I was told that Mr. Margif was requested to leave, but he refused.

According to him, the unnamed candidate is also an member who defected from the organisation.

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He claimed, nonetheless, that Mr. Margif’s arrest might be related to some prior allegations of fraud made against him.

That is the latest on Police Arrest Labour Party Governorship Candidate

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