How Sammie Okposo Narrowly Escaped Death Two Years Ago

Sammie Okposo

Sammie Okposo: Fans were shocked and saddened by Sammie Okposo’s recent death, a well-known gospel singer.

However, the well-known gospel performer who collapsed and passed away on Friday, November 25, after having a heart attack, seemed to be on the verge of dying.

The music star from Delta State nearly perished two years ago when his car’s propeller shaft detached while it was moving across Lagos’ Third Mainland Bridge.


Okposo assured his followers that everything was fine and that the evil ones’ plot had failed yet again.

This is something to brag about and testify of the miracle-working power of God; I have a very BIG God who is always by my side to deliver me, he wrote.

“I was not going to post this because I had already thanked, praised, and worshipped God for delivering me from death Saturday, May 16th, 2020,” he wrote.


The propeller shaft of my car pulled off while I was driving, he continued. “The image you see is my car propeller shaft that pulled off while I was in motion just before it happened.

I was doing 100/120 kph on the third mainland bridge connecting to cms and then to surulere my destination as I was driving suddenly I heard a voice “SLOW DOWN” so immediately I reduced my speed to 60kph 10 seconds later from 120kph to 60kph the propeller.

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Just consider what might have happened had the voice of God not prompted me to slow down; consider what might have happened if I had been travelling at 120 kph when my car’s propeller shaft disconnected.

“Oh, Jesus, oh, Jesus, oh, Jesus thank you for being my saviour, my deliverer, my protector, my shield, and the reason I am alive and well is because of you.”

The devil and his minions have failed and will continue to fail despite the fact that there is not a scratch, anything missing, or anything broken.


“#satMay16th2020 #Jehovahdondomesomething #mylifeisatestimony #Godsavedme #thevoiceofGodisreal #thevoiceofGodsaves #imcovered #improtected #Godblockedit” and “Godblockedit”

After entering the nation, the multi-award-winning musician passed away in an undisclosed hospital.

One of the most talented ministers in the Nigerian gospel music industry, Okposo recently had a concert at the Logic Church in Lagos and London.

In addition, he runs Zamar Entertainment as CEO and is a music producer.

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