How To Do JAMB Regularization For NYSC Registration ( Best Guide)

. To create your profile, enter your valid email address, last name, first name, phone number, state and local government area of origin, and password, then press the Sign Up button


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Candidates who are enrolled in another institution but do not have a JAMB registration number may apply for JAMB Late Application (formerly known as “regularisation”).

JAMB charges a fee of N10,000 for late applications. To complete the task, follow the steps outlined below.


See How to Build a JAMB Online Profile for more details.

Procedure for JAMB Regularization

  1.  If you are a new user, you will be needed to create a profile via the Sign Up (New User) Page.
  2. Existing users can simply type in their login credentials. To create your profile, enter your valid email address, last name, first name, phone number, state and local government area of origin, and password, then press the Sign Up button. Only one profile is available to each applicant.
  3. After that, you’ll sign in with your email address and password.
  4. If you’ve signed in, you’ll be taken to the landing page, where you can see all of the services that are available.
  5.  Select “Late (Retroactive) Application” from the drop-down menu. This can be found in the sidebar.
  6. The menu item “Late Application” will appear after you’ve selected it. This should be clicked.
  7. A Transaction ID is created for this service once you select it. This information will be shown on the confirmation tab.
  8.  Confirm the information on the Confirmation Page. Also, take note of the bold red font used to represent the Transaction ID. The Transaction ID would come in handy for any potential references to the Transaction. Your registered email address will receive a copy of this transaction ID.

    How To do JAMB Regularization for NYSC Registration

  9. If you want to pay with your card right away, click the Continue button. If you want to use another payment method, such as an ATM, cash at the bank, or Quickteller, make a note of the transaction ID because you’ll need it.
  10. Enter your card information on the Interswitch Payment page and press the Pay button.

  11. The status of your payment will be shown in the “My Payment Section.” After payment, you will receive an SMS and an email with your specific Transaction Identification and payment status. Continue by pressing the Enter key.
  12. After you’ve made your payment, you’ll be asked to provide the following information:
    a. Year of Examination and
    b. Number of JAMB Registration
  13. Inventive+ phrasing The application form will appear after you have entered all of your details correctly. The application form must be completed online. Please note that certain fields are needed.
  14. To finish your submission, click Submit.
  15. After you’ve submitted your details, you’ll see an Indemnity Form that you can print.
  16. 15th. Fill out this form and send it to your school for approval.
  17.  It will be your institution’s responsibility to send the approved form to the JAMB state office.
  18. The Approved form will be added to your profile once it has been received. When this is completed, you will be notified.
  19.  Your application will now be processed by JAMB. Your information will be updated as requested.


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JAMB New Regularization/Validation/Late Application Process with  Photos/Screenshots] | DE & NYSC


How To do JAMB Regularization for NYSC Registration with Photo illustration. 

1. →Click Here To Create an account, Fill all the necessary information required [Be-careful do not make mistakes on your phone number and email address, after account creation click on signup.

My school gist News
How To do JAMB Regularization for NYSC Registration

2. →You Can Now Login with the registered details in the login page

 Profile Login Page
How To do JAMB Regularization for NYSC Registration

3. →On The Dashboard, You Can See different E-facility option , Click On Regularize Admission/Late Application

 e facility dashboard
How To do JAMB Regularization for NYSC Registration


4. →The Payment Confirmation Page Will Be Displayed, You have two payment option [Online Or Bank Payment]

payment page



5. →Review the details displayed on the confirmation page. Also, note the Transaction ID displayed in bold in red. The Transaction ID is useful for all future references concerning the transaction. A copy of this transaction ID will be sent to your registered email address.

You are reading easy Steps How To do JAMB Regularization for NYSC Registration

payment Confirmation Page

6. →Click on the Continue button if you wish to pay with your card immediately. If you wish to use other payment channels like ATMs, cash at the bank, and Quickteller, please note the transaction ID as it will be required.
7. On the Inter-switch Payment page, enter your card details and click on the Pay button.


8. →The status of your payment will be displayed in the “My Payment Section.” An SMS and email containing your unique transaction identification and payment status will be sent to you after payment. Click on the Continue button.

9. →After payment,, Input your a. Year of Exam and b. JAMB Registration Number

10. → Enter your information correctly and the application form will be displayed. You are to fill in the application form online. Please take note of the mandatory fields.

jamb regularization personal details box


jamb regularization institution details box


jamb regularization utme details box


jamb regularization o level subjects details box

11. →Click Submit to complete your application

12. → Print the indemnity form displayed to you.

13. →filled the form and take it to your institution for Approval.

14. →Your institution will be responsible for submission of the approved form to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board state office.


15. →upload the Approved form  into your profile. You will receive a notification when this is done.

16. →JAMB will now process your application. If Approved, your details will be changed as requested.

NOTE1. No Indemnity form will be accepted unless the Head of Institution had previously given his/her signature personally to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Registrar.

2. If the candidate have not been offered admission yet, this form should be taken to the State JAMB office for the endorsement of the Zonal/Coordinator.

  • You are reading the best guide on How To do JAMB Regularization for NYSC Registration

3. All Candidates with Regularization issues should confirm that their indemnity form is sent to the nearest JAMB office.  

4. This Process cost the Sum of Ten [10] Thousand Naira Only (N10,000)



How much does it cost to do jamb regularization?

ANS: How much is JAMB regularization? The official price is N5,000. You also need to be aware that an internet café or CBT centre will charge you for their services.

Steps to follow to check my jamb regularization status?

Ans: Go to the official portal of JAMB at

  • Click on “Students” from the header/menu.
  • Click on “check matriculation list”
  • Select the year in which you wrote your Jamb examination in the first box.
  • Enter your Jamb registration number in the second box.
  • Click on the button: fetch my details.

How long does it take for jamb regularization?

24 hours

According to the matriculation board, they usually complete JAMB regularization approval within 24 hours of collecting the stamped indemnity forms from your schools.

Is jamb regularization compulsory?

..It is compulsory for all graduates to be cleared by Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to qualify for mobilization by the NYSC.


How To Do JAMB Regularization For NYSC Registration ( Best Guide)

JAMB Regularization/Validation/Late Application Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q: Who Is To Regularize/Validate.

A: Candidate who gain admission without Jamb registration number or his/her mode of admission does not required jamb registration number.

For 2020/2021 Direct Entry/UTME Online Registration

Candidate whose Jamb registration number is not showing ADMISSION OFFERED when checked online on jamb website

Q: I Have JAMB Registration Number Already, Can It Be Regularize.

A:Any Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board registration number that has result when check online can not be regularized,

or any registration number you obtain through the normal online processing of JAMB/UTME/POLY of which later you sat for an exam, can not be regularize.

Q: What Type Of JAMB Registration Number That Can Be Regularize

A: jamb registration number given to you, from the school you graduated from.

Q: I have be trying to register for this new jamb regularization, but find it difficult, have you register any candidate successfully

Answer: Yes

Q: Can I use my phone to do the jamb regularization online?

Answer: To the best of my knowledge, it is not too okay to process form online using phone. If you have access to desktop with internet facility, it gives you a better view of the form.

More on How To Do JAMB Regularization For NYSC Registration ( Best Guide)

Note: As any mistake you make cannot be corrected, as the stages involve in the registration exercise does not give room for one to preview what they had filled before final submission. Once you click on submit, that is the final submission.

Q: What is their mode of payment or how is the payment made?

Answer: Payment is done online through the use of ATM Card.

Q: Is thumb print needed during the jamb regularization exercise?

Answer. No. thumb print is not needed.

Q: Can registration be done in the absence of someone/by proxy.

Answer: Yes currently, as long as the said person gives you his/her right information and passport.
Mind you, the information you supplied is what you will see on the final print out document.

Q: During the jamb regularization registration, I made a mistake can it be corrected?

Answer: No. if an error was observed after final submission, it cannot be undo. The only solution to it, is to create a new profile and make a new payment of N8,500

NOTE: The Official Price for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Regularization/Late Application is N8,500 Only.



It has been observed that some students are still facing the problem of obtaining Jamb Admission letter. In order to find solution to this problem, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has directed that all concerned students should visit any Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Accredited Centres for regularization of their admission.

Depending on the type of problems, the following procedures are to be followed by the concerned students:


Student in this category should visit the JAMB Accredited Centre to fill the “Request for Admission Letter”.


Student whose admission status is showing another institution should visit JAMB Accredited Centre to fill form for “Change of Admission Letter”.


This category of students needs to fill form for Regularization of Admission. Those that did not have Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board record are to print their Indemnity Form and submit to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Failure to comply with the above directive may affect such category of students from being mobilized for NYSC after graduation.


This is to write and inform all Part-Time / Sandwich Students in all the Nigerian Tertiary Institutions (i.e Universities, Polytechnics, College of Education e.t.c) that in its efforts to have accurate data of undergraduate students in all the Nigerian Universities and other Tertiary Institutions, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has integrated the admission process of candidates of Part-Time Degree Programme into the Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS).

In view of the above, all part-time students enrolled in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions are directed to visit the JAMB e-facility platform immediately and apply to register their documents individually (Following the Outlined Guidelines Above Illustrated with Images).

All Students are requested to carry out the process at any approved JAMB CBT Centre and fill  indemnity Form.

The form is to be endorsed and signed by the Dean, School of Continuing Education (SCE) or Part-Time Studies of your Institution after completion by the students, for onward submission to the JAMB Office.

After approval of the indemnity Forms by the JAMB, students can then visit the JAMB Website to print their Admission Letter and have their respective REG numbers.

Prospective Part-Time Candidates who wish to enrol in any of the Part-Time / Sandwich programmes in any Nigerian Tertiary Institution MUST first of enrol with JAMB by purchasing the JAMB Part-Time / Sandwich / Distance Learning Form at the cost of Three Thousand Five Hundred Naira (N3,500) only before proceeding to purchase the respective institution part-time forms.


This process doesn’t have a deadline or closing date, it is a continuous process and at such candidates or applicants can apply for this service anytime, any-day unless the board says otherwise.

Have any questions? Feel free to drop them using the comment box below and an Admin will respond to you immediately.

Thanks for using this website to learn about How To do JAMB Regularization for NYSC Registration.

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