How to make money online in Nigeria, the legitimate guide


18 Ways on in 2023


Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa and a continually growing GDP. Despite this positive development, Nigeria is fighting a sapademic!


The Naira has depreciated as a result of persistent double-digit inflation. In addition, the unemployment rate is approximately 10%.



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Even if there are no full-time jobs that match your preferences, the gig economy is thriving! In Nigeria, you can try your hand at multiple skills and make money online.


Utilize your skills and read this article to discover how to earn money online in Nigeria.



in Nigeria- 18 Ways


To make money online in Nigeria from the comfort of your own home, you need a computer and an internet connection.


Learn more about the various ways to make money in Nigeria by perusing this text curated for you by Ejes Gist News Nigeria .



1. Online commerce business

Online selling is one of the best ways to earn money online in Nigeria. You may donate clothing and furniture from your own residence. Alternately, you may purchase products in bulk for resale on a retail forum. Attempt to sell your products on multiple platforms and marketplaces to increase their exposure. If you appreciate this procedure, you can consider expanding into the reseller business.


This idea requires moderate effort, and you will need a variety of products to feature in the marketplace.



2) Social Media marketing

There are billions of users of social media worldwide. Social media marketing is a pillar of digital marketing, and there is a growing demand for creative, innovative, and analytical professionals to accomplish this feat. You can earn thousands of dollars per month working in social media if you have an aptitude for writing and an analytical mindset.



Once you have acquired sufficient skills through an online course or practice, you will have the freedom to select the projects and clients that most excite you.


To get started with social media as a side hustle to make money online requires minimal investment.



3. Develop social media following to be an influencer

You can also build an audience on social media and become a social media influencer on the side. Influencers on social media are on the rise. Historically, brand deals required hundreds of thousands of followers.


Now, brands are eager to work with influencers who have a few thousand followers. Influencers on social media earn money through brand partnerships, collaborations, and by launching their own businesses. Beginning your career as an influencer requires consistency with content creation and a solid production setup.



4. Investing in dollars

With inflation rates on the rise and banks becoming inaccessible, you should consider dollar savings as an alternative to centralised financial institutions.



These decentralised digital assets can be an excellent inflation hedge. In addition, this is an emerging asset class, so substantial long-term returns can be anticipated. You can explore stablecoins and earn investment returns as a beginner.


5. Develop a web-based course

Upskilling can propel your career forward. This explains the demand for online course creation. Through an online course, you can impart your knowledge and expertise to others.


This will establish you as a thought leader within your community of peers. To be successful, you must choose the appropriate topic and thoroughly test your idea.


The key to making money is determined by the value you provide to your community and the pricing strategy you implement for your online course. The creation of courses on platforms such as Udemy can generate passive income.


6. Independent content providers

You can freelance in any field and earn extra money. Explore Upwork and Fiverr to discover freelance content services-related gigs. Popular content services include copywriting, content writing, and SEO. The same service can also be extended to social media marketing. These are writing jobs that can be completed within a few hours.


7. Taking surveys online

In addition to providing freelance services, you can earn rewards by completing online surveys. You can now participate in online surveys, read emails, and play video games on certain platforms in exchange for freebies or coupons. Moreover, responding to surveys is beneficial. They aid businesses in designing products with the end user in mind.


8. Test applications and websites to provide feedback

In addition to answering online surveys, you can also provide feedback by testing apps and websites for large businesses. Multiple online platforms provide incentives for users to provide feedback. This is a quick and simple way to earn extra money on the side.



9. Write ebooks

Ebooks are among the most practical marketing tools available to businesses and individuals. You can create an ebook once you have a clear understanding of your intended audience and the knowledge base you intend to use. Hosting your ebook on multiple platforms for a nominal fee can generate a stream of passive income.


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10. Editing and Proofreading

Proofreading is one of the best sources of passive income you can generate. This is a versatile choice. Not everyone is qualified to be a proofreader. You need a keen eye for detail and a sufficient grasp of the language to be successful in this field. This is appropriate for college students, working professionals, and even stay-at-home parents.


11. Transcription

If you can simultaneously listen and type quickly, you can consider transcription as a side business. On platforms like TranscribeMe, you can earn up to $25 per hour by transcribing. To make the most of this side gig, you should brush up on your language skills.


12. Translation into other languages

You can use your language skills to translate for people on the internet if you are bilingual. Language services are in high demand globally. There is a demand for it in the content, travel & tourism, and medical industries. On freelancing websites, you can search for short-term language work, primarily as gigs.


In addition, if you’re seeking long-term relationships, you can consider partnerships with translation agencies. This is a side job you can do in your spare time to earn extra money.


13. Sell art and photographs online

Use your hobbies and interests productively if you are creative and artistic! You can sell photographs online if you are a photographer.


Explore websites such as Unsplash that permit you to upload images that can be used by millions of people around the world. Moreover, you can sell your artwork in both digital and physical formats. Utilize social media to promote your art to a wider audience.


14. Launch a podcast

We live in a time when it is possible to monetize your thoughts, so long as you can assign a certain production value! You can launch a podcast and create content for listeners worldwide. You can generate revenue through paid advertisements, listener donations, and premium episodes.


15. Narrate audiobooks

Have a unique voice? You can find online opportunities to narrate audiobooks and voiceovers for branded content and commercials. If you believe you can deliver a variety of tones, such as conversational, authentic, friendly, and approachable, you should consider audiobook narration as a side hustle.


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16. Online tutoring

You can become an online tutor if you speak foreign languages and have an aptitude for art or even mathematics.


This is a tangible side hustle for college students looking to earn extra money. You have the option of conducting webinars with prospective students or tutoring and mentoring students individually.


You can use UpskillTutor and to find students in need of academic assistance.


17. Invest in real estate

As you save more money for tangible objectives, you can consider real estate investments to diversify your income streams. REITs are dependable investment options for novices starting out in this asset class.


18. Data entry

As students, you are required to sift through vast amounts of data and separate them for various projects.


If you are detail-oriented, you could get paid to enter data. You can explore data research and data entry under larger umbrella projects. The compensation for these gigs varies from project to project.


These suggestions should provide insight into how to earn money online in Nigeria. Side jobs allow you to generate additional income streams that are unrelated to your primary job.


You have other sources of income to rely on if you encounter problems due to market conditions or other factors. In addition, reducing your reliance on a single primary source will allow you to create a safety net in the event of an unforeseen event.


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