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I Lost Two Children To Sickle Cell – Buhari Opens Up

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari, the most powerful man in Nigeria, has revealed some of the tragedies he has experienced.

He acknowledged losing two of his kids to sickle cell.

At a private dinner held by his family and close friends to celebrate his 80th birthday on Friday night at the State House Banquet Hall, Buhari made this clear in a documentary that was shown.


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Speaking about his personal life, the President disclosed that two of the kids he had with his late wife Safinatu died of sickle cell anaemia.

This explains why, when he married Aisha Buhari, the first lady, he insisted that his second wife must have the AA genotype in order to prevent his children from inheriting the S from his AS genotype.

Some Nigerians who believed Buhari to be long dead and replaced by a body double named “Jibril of Sudan” also claimed that he was “not a funny joke.”


The President claimed that the untrue rumour was the product of some troublemakers who enjoy creating confusion.

When asked about the rumour in the documentary interview, Buhari replied, “Yes! People have claimed that I am from Sudan. I did not give the name much thought. Nigerians like to explain themselves in sneaky ways.

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When asked if he finds these allusions amusing, he responded, “No. Because the people who made those statements were only trying to be cheeky, it is not funny.

They seek to deflect focus away from the crucial matter. The infrastructure must be built, and people must be made aware that they must work hard to live well.

Without earning the respect of their community or anything else, they simply want to enjoy life.


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo described Buhari as a forthright, kind, and exemplary leader earlier when he proposed a toast for the celebrant.

“I invite your excellences to join me in proposing this toast to an exemplary leader, a forthright and honest man, a good and kind man, and a man who has led this country with great courage, determination, and commitment for so many years,” Osinbajo said in a speech praising Buhari for his “great courage and commitment” in leading the country.

We pray that the Almighty God preserves his life for a very long time to come and that he spends the entirety of that time in good health, peace, joy, and the love of all of our countrymen.

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