It is gazetted, APC can never field a Christian presidential candidate, Christians must defend their faith


By Sanco Ese.

If the had been a sensible or serious-minded group of people, they would have fielded Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi as their presidential candidate and paired him up with a Muslim running mate from the North East, but this will never happen because the Haramites and Islamic fundamentalists in that party consider it to be ”their” platform.

I know Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi very well, and I have always admired him from afar. We may not belong to the same party, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is a profoundly good man and a very serious-minded Christian. He is also forthright, cerebral, courageous, decisive, and very tough.


Personally, like most Nigerians, I have always subscribed to the argument that the APC is the political wing of and Boko Haram is the military wing of the APC. The two are like Siamese twins.

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Let me be very clear here. I have nothing against Muslims. As a matter of fact, I have nothing but respect for all those real Muslims that believe in a secular state, that believe in peaceful co-existence, that have no issues with those that do not share their faith, that do not use violence and terror as a means of achieving their purpose, and that see religion as a purely personal affair. Most of my Muslim friends fall into that category.

The APC was so obsessed with taking over power that, in their desperation, they came to believe that they were all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-powerful.


They thought that they were omniscient and omnipresent, and they equated their power with that of the God of Heaven.

, it is clear that they are a misguided association of pernicious liars, confirmed Luciferians, practising Satanists, clueless morons, blood-sucking ritualists, unrepentant beasts, godless coprophiliacs, gruesome undertakers, and religious extremists who have a deep-seated and unbreakable covenant with the spirit of death.


Truly, the APC and all their friends, moles, associates, and agents need to be swept from power and buried alive in 2023. It is our duty to do this and to pull our nation back from the brink and from the shackles of poverty, underdevelopment, unemployment, and glaring insecurity.


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We must refuse to allow the present political elite in Aso Rock to continue to intimidate us with the idea that no one can displace them. They boast that they will outspend us and more.

But we say to them: Nigerians will not be taken for a ride yet again. The time to sit on the fence is past; everyone should vote these bloodthirsty demons of war out of Aso Rock in 2023.


This is a solemn promise that we have made, and this is an obligation that, by the grace of the Living God, we shall honour and keep.

Anything less would be utterly catastrophic and would plunge our nation into the gates and fires of hell.


By now, the APC should bury their heads in shame. They sought to bury the PDP, but by the grace and resurrection power of the Living God, we have risen again.

Their demystification and humiliation will be devastating, and their crushing will be total, complete, irreversible, and irrevocable.


We will strip them bare, rout them before the entire world, knock them out cold, and bury them forever.

May the Lord, strong and mighty in battle, hear our cry in Jesus’ name, amen.

Sanco Ese, a.k.a God’s Pen of Intervention is the National Secretary, Delta Political Vanguard.

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