Jeffrey Dahmer Sketches: Childlike Drawings Of Serial Killer Dubbed ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’ disclose unthinkable Horror


The sketches of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer depicting plans for a “shrine of skulls” have been revealed.

Jeffrey Dahmer, also known as the “Milwaukee Monster” or “Milwaukee Cannibal,” murdered, dismembered, and ate 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

Several body parts, including three heads preserved in a fridge, were discovered in his flat.


The American serial killer was known to drug and rape his victims and to have homosexual fantasies.

However, his killing spree ended in 1991 when one of the victims managed to flee.

Dahmer was sentenced to 900 years in prison, but he was murdered in 1994 by another inmate.


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Presenter David Farrier says of the city of Milwaukee: “It’s famous for beer and cheese, and a serial killer” (Image: NETFLIX)
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Sketches by Jeffrey Dahmer detail the horror of dismembering and eating his victims (Image: NETFLIX)

According to, a new Netflix series called ‘Dark Tourist’ looks at the attraction that draws people who are interested in places associated with death and tragedy.

Milwaukee, according to host David Farrier, is “famous for beer and cheese, as well as a serial killer.”

Over the years, Dahmer has created a bizarre cult, and Farrier meets one fanatic, Natalie, a self-proclaimed “dark tourist.”

“There has never been a case quite like his, where there were lobotomies, attempts to turn people into zombies, cannibalism, all of this in one,” she says of his story.

“He wasn’t a sadist either; he even gave his victims the small mercy of drugging and strangling them…”

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Farrier meets with one fanatic – a self-titled “dark tourist” – called Natalie (Image: NETFLIX)
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Natalie expresses her appreciation for the sketches (Image: NETFLIX)

She holds the skull of a “South American male” during one segment of the show.

When Ferrier asks Natalie if she has any similarities to Dahmer, she initially denies it but then admits that she is “weird.”

When the presenter pays a visit to Dahmer’s lawyer, Wendy Patrickus, she discovers a piece of paper depicting the sick shrine Dahmer built in his flat.

“He saved the entire bodies of these two at the end,” she explained. He had a thing for hands, and he’d often save the hands and, of course, the penis.”

Farrier responds, “It’s so strange because it almost looks like a child’s drawing, but it’s about something so incredible… This is like True Detective or something, but better.”


“It’s eerie to think of Dahmer drawing and signing this.”

0 RLP MDG 100918NETFLIX 214 214JPG
Lawyer Wendy Patrickus reveals a piece of paper which illustrates the sick shrine (Image: NETFLIX)

After leaving the room, Farrier turns around and asks Natalie, “How was that for you?” Natalie responds by expressing her happiness and gratitude for the experience.


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