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Kano Gov, Abba Gida issues first executive order to Probe Ganduje, vows to re-open Doguwa’s murder case

Abba Gida-Gida

Abba Gida-Gida Issues Executive Orders To Probe Ganduje


Abba Kabir Yusuf, also known as Abba Gida-Gida, was inaugurated yesterday as the new governor of Kano State. Following his inauguration, he issued several executive orders that are believed to have signalled several investigations of his immediate predecessor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.


In his inaugural address, the governor instructed the state’s security agencies to immediately assume control of all public properties sold by the Ganduje administration.


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“I am announcing today that all public places and assets that were immorally looted and sold by the Ganduje administration will be taken over by law enforcement agencies, led by the Police, the DSS, Civil Defence, and Hisbah, pending the government’s final decision,” he said.

The governor was referring to “lands in and around schools, religious and cultural sites, hospitals and clinics, graveyards and green areas, and along the city wall of Kano” in addition to “other landed properties and assets belonging to Kano State within and outside the state to their cronies and agents.”


In the coming days, he said, a judicial commission of inquiry would be formed “to ensure that all perpetrators and those who aided and abetted them are brought to justice.”

In addition, he ordered that “all political appointees heading government MDAs and companies are immediately relieved of their positions.”


“Similarly, all boards of MDAs, companies, and institutions of higher learning are hereby dissolved with immediate effect,” he added.

All of his actions over the next few days will be geared towards resetting the state and repositioning it on the path of honour and dignity, respect and responsibility, as well as the path of progress and prosperity, he explained.

Earlier, during the handover ceremony, the new governor criticised his predecessor for delegating his Secretary to the State Government, Alhaji Usman Alhaji, to make the handover of government, a move he termed “disappointing” and a departure from the established democratic process of handing over government.

In the report read by the outgoing SSG, Ganduje stated that the state government received a total of N1.2trillion and spent a total of N1.2trillion during his eight-year reign, leaving a total debt profile of over N241bn.

He stated, however, that the state government had left behind funds through a few of its agencies, including approximately N740 million in the Kano Energy and Hydro Power project and approximately N703 million in the Kano Energy and Hydro Power Operational.


However, Yusuf stated that it was disheartening that Ganduje left the incoming administration with a debt profile of over N241 billion and that this would be investigated accordingly.

“It is extremely discouraging that the government left us with a debt profile of over N241 billion.” Where will the money come from? The IGR they mention is nothing to write home about.


“The money they earned through the Kano Internal Revenue Service was unremarkable. Why are so many consultants utilised? Similar to rain conduit for the state’s people’s resources. We’re going to examine it. I am not content!

“I pray that Almighty Allah rewards him (Ganduje) for his service to the state. We are not here to steal their money or to seize their land. The governor stated, “We are here to work, and by Allah’s grace, we will accomplish all of our goals within the next four years.”



Establishes task forces against phone theft and sanitation.

In addition, the governor announced the formation of a task force to combat the scourge of phone snatching and other violent crimes committed on the state’s streets.

“We are aware that the consumption of illegal drugs is one of the primary factors fueling these criminal activities.


“Today, I am announcing the formation of a Special Joint Taskforce to prevent phone snatching and other street crimes. This taskforce will be comprised of teams of law enforcement agencies and mobile courts that will work together to rid our streets of these criminals and swiftly bring them all to justice.

“The Kano State Reformatory Institute, Kiru will reopen as soon as possible for drug addict rehabilitation,” he added.

Following the inauguration, the governor visited the institute and briefed the staff on the upcoming tasks.


He also announced the immediate establishment of a Taskforce on Refuse Disposal, Drainage Evacuation, and Street Cleaning (Operation Nazafa) comprised of yet-to-be-revealed stakeholder groups.


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“In the coming days, I will officially launch a statewide campaign with the assistance of self-help groups. In the coming weeks, all dumps will be cleared, our streets will be cleaned, our drainages will be desilted, and a system for maintaining cleanliness and clearing dumps will be in place,” he said.

To drive the campaign to keep Kano clean, he announced that as of 1 June, all vehicles plying the state’s roads must have a dustbin, and all businesses – including shops and stalls – must also have dustbins for collecting and disposing of wastes and refuse.


… Vows to reopen the murder of Doguwa

The governor vowed to reopen the murder case against Alhassan Ado Doguwa, the majority leader of the House of Representatives.

Musa Lawan, the state’s former Attorney-General and Commissioner of Justice, announced last week that the state government had decided to drop all murder and arson charges previously brought against Doguwa.

Doguwa was previously arrested, arraigned, and remanded for allegedly ordering and participating in the slaying of 15 individuals during the February 25 Presidential/National Assembly Election in Tudunwada, one of the two local government areas comprising his Doguwa/Tudunwada federal constituency. He has categorically denied this accusation.

Yusuf stated that he would review the case as well as other electoral violations committed during the eight years of Abdullahi Umar Ganduje’s administration.

“We will investigate all instances of political violence in the last eight years that resulted in loss of life and property across the state.

“The infamous case of Alhassan Ado Doguwa, who allegedly sponsored the maiming and murder of more than 15 innocent souls in Tudun Wada Local Government, will be pursued to its logical conclusion,” he stated.

He added, “The numerous victims of the violent campaign led by Ganduje and carried out by drug-addled thugs will not go unpunished.”

“A judicial Commission of Inquiry will be established to ensure that the perpetrators and their sponsors are brought to justice, and that the families of the victims of political thuggery are also entitled to justice,” he said.

Yusuf added that his administration will investigate the kidnapping and disappearance of Kwankwasiyya Movement member Dadiyata five years ago.

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