Kwankwaso Opens Up on Stepping down for Atiku

Rabiu Kwankwaso and Atiku Abubakar

Addresses Reports That He’s Planning to Step Down For Atiku

, presidential candidate has responded to reports making rounds that he would step down for Alhaji of .

In response to rumours that the NNPP presidential candidate,Senator will leave his position to support Atiku Abubakar, the candidate of the issued a statement.


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The New Nigeria Peoples Party’s presidential candidate Kwankwaso spoke via Major Agbo, the NNPP’s spokesman.

Agbo questioned, “How can anyone come out and say Kwankwaso should step down for Atiku? ” in response to the reports. No, Atiku should resign instead.

He asserts that Kwankwaso is in the race to win and that he will become ’s next president.


However, the NNPP spokesman did not completely rule out the prospect of alliance negotiations, which he stated would take place on its conditions.

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When questioned about the status of the reported discussions between his party and the ’s presidential campaign staff, Agbo denied the information.


“Go ask Okupe” (Dr ). Because he entered the negotiation with his “unusual” agenda—that Obi should be made president—he was the one who ended the initial alliance talks. Why should Obi be elected president instead of Kwankwaso? He asked.


Additionally, Agbo and Rufai Alkali, the National Chairman of the NNPP, both agreed that the claim was inaccurate.

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Professor of Political Science Alkali claimed that the study was the product of individuals determined to mislead Nigerians in order to gain cheap political points.


He declared, “It is entirely false. We are not at all surprised that this narrative is now being revealed in this manner. Every intelligent Nigerian has been adhering to the pattern.

“They initially claimed that our candidate would leave to make room for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. When we refuted it, they claimed that and the Labour Party had won the NNPP over. They remained silent when we gave them the details.


“Then, during the discourse at the Arewa Consultative Forum, our elders attempted to get the presidential contenders to present their manifestos.

We supported the organisers, but we also became aware of forces trying to sabotage the election by utilizing the platform to support a candidate from the North. That project failed when Kwankwaso did not show up.


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More on Kwankwaso, Atiku

“Our candidate outlined his strategy a few weeks ago, and it was quite well received. He attended the highly successful AriseTV-CDD presidential debate.

He travelled to the South-East and stopped at Enugu and Abakiliki for three days.


“Despite all of their successes, they are now terrified. They have now played the card that he is being pressured to resign.

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Who should I let go for? under what conditions? Has it ever occurred in Nigeria’s democratic past for a presidential candidate with a strong party supporting him and Nigerians pleading with him to move on to hand over his structures to someone else?


“They are terrified now that he has become a brilliant star. All those responsible should cease since it is nothing more than propaganda and psychological warfare.

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