Labour Party announces how its members will vote in the 10th Assembly.

Labour party

Labour Party (LP) Announces Plan to Vote as a Bloc in Election of Speaker for 10th Assembly of the House of Representatives.


Abuja, Nigeria – The Labour Party (LP) has declared its intention to vote collectively in the upcoming election for the Speaker of the 10th assembly of the House of Representatives. Rep. Victor Ogene, the LP leader in the House, made this statement during an interview with the Ejes Gist (EGNN) on Thursday.


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While the LP has yet to finalize its decision on a specific candidate, Ogene emphasized that once a choice is made, the party members will vote en bloc. He stated, “The LP has yet to decide on a particular candidate, but I can assure you that we are going to vote en bloc, the consultation is on. I do not know those we will vote for yet, but I know those we will not vote for.”


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Ogene further expressed confidence that the eventual candidate elected as Speaker would most likely come from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). However, he stressed that the LP would not be swayed or manipulated in the selection process, emphasizing that the decision would be a conscious one.


“We will not be railroaded into choosing anybody; it will be a conscious decision,” Ogene affirmed. He also stated that the LP members would reject any form of undue interference or influence in the Speaker’s selection, advocating for a Speaker who would be accountable to all members of the 10th National Assembly.

According to Ogene, “A Speaker is first and foremost a member, so the LP will do all within its power to ensure it unites behind a candidate who would not kowtow to the whims and caprices of the executive. If someone is imposed from outside, it does not go well; they lose their legitimacy from the members and will always return to where they received their endorsement.”

Highlighting the importance of free choice among members, Ogene emphasized that a Speaker elected under such circumstances would operate in a conducive atmosphere and be accountable to both the members who elected them and the general public.


When asked about the LP’s stance if the main opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), decided to align with the ruling party, Ogene asserted that the LP would stand firm in its commitment to not disappoint Nigerians and unite behind a candidate.

“The individuals elected on the LP platform did not just secure their positions; they were elected through the support of the Nigerian people, and they cannot afford to let the people down,” Ogene stated. He concluded by emphasizing that the LP, even if standing alone, would remain resolute and make a strong statement rather than aligning with other parties willing to collaborate with the ruling party. Ogene assured the public that the LP is prepared to maintain its principled position.

As the election for the Speaker approaches, the LP’s decision to vote as a bloc adds an intriguing dynamic to the political landscape, indicating a concerted effort by the party to assert its influence in the 10th assembly of the House of Representatives.





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