Lamidi Apapa Faction asks court to nullify all Labour party victories including Peter Obi, in the just concluded Election

Lamidi Apapa, Factional Chairman Apapa Rejects Suspension From Labour Party

Labour Party Raises Alarm, Says Apapa Group Wants Peter Obi’s Victory Nullified


The Labour Party (LP) has made a new revelation regarding the party’s ongoing leadership crises.


According to LP, the party faction led by acting national chairman is attempting to overturn Peter Obi’s victories.


Specifically, the party asserted that the Apapa faction has petitioned a Kano state court to invalidate the party’s recent electoral victories.


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Obiora Ifoh, the party’s acting National publicity secretary, disclosed this in a statement.



The assertion reads:

The Labour Party has been made aware of an illegal attempt by a faction of the party led by Lamidi Apapa to mislead the Kano state High court into invalidating all the elections won by the Labour Party in the recently concluded general election.


Samuel Akingbade Oyelekan, the suspended National Legal Adviser and a key member of the disgraced Apapa group, snuck out of Abuja to Kano state on Wednesday, while the Presidential Appeal Tribunal was sitting in Abuja with all eyes on it, and asked the court to invalidate all the elections won by the Labour Party, particularly the national assembly in the 36 states and FCT on March 28.



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Akingbade, who identified himself as a representative of the Labour Party, did not oppose the motion, forcing the judge to postpone his decision until tomorrow.


Though the party will appear in court on Thursday to have the proceedings thrown out, we have previously warned of opposition party plots to reduce the Labour Party to ashes.



A few weeks ago, we warned Nigerians of plots to seize control of the party and, by extension, all of our court cases. Since then, we have produced evidence of the letters sent by Akingbade to various tribunals requesting the withdrawal of pending cases.


We are using this forum to inform the judiciary and all law enforcement agencies, especially the police and DSS, that Samuel Akingbade, Lamidi Apapa, Abayomi Arabambi, and everyone else in that camp are no longer representing the Labour Party in any capacity. This statement serves as a disclaimer regarding them and is provided for Nigerians’ benefit.


These agents have taken their smear campaign to a whole new level, and they will stop at nothing to fulfil their paymasters’ request that our case be shortened before various tribunals. Nigerians must be vigilant and unite to ensure that all anti-democratic forces within our borders are subdued.



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