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Like Wike, Governor Umahi Bans Use Of Public Schools For Political Rallies


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As of November 1st Ebonyi State Governor has outlawed political rallies being held in the state’s public schools.

In order to reduce security risks in the state, the governor also prohibited commercial motorcycle operators from operating between the hours of 7 p.m. and 6 a.m.

This comes weeks after the Rivers state governor Nyesom Wike signed the Executive order 21 in Rivers state which outlawed use of public institutions for political rallies.

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At a “stakeholders’ summit” on citizen input and consultations for the 2023 budget projections, the governor announced the restriction on Monday in Abakaliki.

The gathering also covered the 2023 censuses of housing and pollution in Nigeria.


To hold demonstrations in schools, Mr. Umahi stated that political parties needed permission from the Commissioner for Education.

“Let me be clear: starting on November 1, political parties must receive permission from the Ministry of Education before holding any political rallies in primary and secondary schools.

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“We believe that no political campaign should be held in a public school.

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“We do not want scenarios where school facilities are destroyed for political reasons. The Ebonyi State Governor added that “we do not want anyone to go there and start urinating on the grounds of the school.

He declared, “We want to stop the devastation of our schools and maintain the facilities there.

Mr. Umahi also condemned the use of hate speech by political party candidates and urged all politicians to stop doing so.

According to the projected budget for 2023, a sizable portion would be spent on things like agriculture, infrastructure, health care, and education.

Orlando Nweze, the state’s commissioner for finance and economic development, stated in his response that the state’s budget for 2023 is expected to total more over N139 billion.

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