List of Mandatory Documents, Items FRSC Checks in Your Vehicle

List of Mandatory Documents, Items FRSC Checks in Your Vehicle

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) is required by law to inspect vehicles operating on Nigerian roads.
The law permits the Commission to conduct periodic vehicle inspections to ensure compliance among road users.
When conducting a traffic stop, the FRSC searches for a variety of documents and items in your vehicle.

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) is authorised by law to conduct routine inspections of all vehicles operating on Nigeria’s major roads.



Section 19 of the FRSC (Establishment) Act of 2007 grants the Commission the authority to stop and inspect vehicles to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Did the Nigerian law empower FRSC to carry Guns?

“Personnel of the commission who are exposed to high risk in the enforcement of this act shall have the same powers, authorities, and privileges, including the right to bear arms,” states the law.

In Nigeria, car owners are required to carry numerous essential documents and items.


The Commission requires a variety of items and documents, including spare tires, razor blades, and other essential items and documents.

Driving licence

A driver’s licence permits a vehicle user or driver to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. It indicates that the driver has been evaluated and authorised to operate any vehicle. Always a driver’s licence is issued by the FRSC.

Proof of ownership

It is a document that indicates ownership or the right to possess and operate a car or vehicle.

Insurance certificate

It is a document that is used to provide information on specific insurance coverage and packages relevant to the situation at hand, which is the automobile that the driver drives.

Certificate of roadworthiness


It is given out once the vehicle inspection officials have determined that the car is safe to drive on the road. It is examined to see whether or not the primary components of the vehicle are operational.

Vehicle license

It is a document that is issued about a specific vehicle, and the typical length of time that it is valid for is one year.

C-caution sign

It is a caution sign that indicates a potential risk, an impediment, or a condition that requires the attention of motorists and other drivers on the road. Reflected lights must make it visible from a considerable distance.

Fire extinguisher

A stream of liquid, foam, gas, or other substances is expelled from a transportable device to stop the fire from burning.

Others are:

  • Expiry dates on tires
  • Extra Tyres
  • Razor blade
  • Torchlight
  • Hydraulic
  • Extra Fan Belt

Nigerians should beware of these fascinating cars listed by FRSC


It has been reported that the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has deemed certain automobiles that have been shipped to Nigeria to be unsafe. The agency cited faulty programming as the reason for their decision. This was one of the stories that went viral throughout the week.


The people of Nigeria have been cautioned about certain driving modes of the ubiquitous Lexus vehicles. To be more specific, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has instructed Nigerians to discontinue their use of certain Toyota Lexus automobiles due to “faulty programming.”

This was said by the organisation in a statement that was released by Bisi Kazeem, who is the public education officer for the FRSC.



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