List of winners Eurovision 2024: Winner and Results

list of winners eurovision 2024

List of winners Eurovision 2024, Results and Point secured  by winners.

Eurovision 2024 concluded with a spectacle of performances and surprises in Sweden, as the winner was crowned following an eventful night. Amidst memorable moments such as a trouserless man emerging from a giant denim egg and France maintaining their serious demeanor, Nemo from Switzerland emerged victorious.

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Throughout the evening, Nemo maintained a strong lead in the jury vote, captivating audiences with their mesmerizing performance. Eventually, they were presented with the coveted trophy by last year’s winner, Loreen, solidifying their place as the Eurovision champion for 2024.

Who won Eurovision 2024?

Switzerland’s Nemo triumphed at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with their captivating song “The Code,” securing a total of 591 points. Their stellar performance and resonant melody captivated audiences across Europe, earning them the prestigious title of Eurovision champions for the year.

Nemo of Switzerland wins the Eurovision Song Contest.

Nemo of Switzerland wins the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden(Image: AP)
Nemo of Switzerland wins the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden(Image: AP)



And where did the UK place?

Olly Alexander, representing the UK, garnered 46 points from the juries of participating countries during the recent competition. However, despite his efforts, he failed to secure any points from the audiences tuning in from around the globe, ultimately landing in the 18th position.

Full table of results

Switzerland emerged victorious with an impressive 591 points, clinching the top spot in the rankings. In contrast, Norway found itself at the bottom of the table with a mere 16 points, reflecting the diverse range of performances and preferences showcased during the event.

List Of Winners Eurovision 2024

Here are the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

  • First Place: Switzerland Nemo, “The Code” (591 points)
  • Second Place: Croatia Baby Lasagna, “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” (547 points)
  • Third Place: Ukraine alyona alyona & Jerry Heil, “Teresa & Maria” (453 points)

This year, Switzerland’s Nemo made history by becoming the first nonbinary winner in the contest’s history. Nemo’s song “The Code” is about discovering their nonbinary identity and has resonated with many fans.

Switzerland’s win marks the country’s third Eurovision win, following Lys Assia’s victory in 1956 and Céline Dion’s win in 1988. The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Switzerland next year.


For a comprehensive breakdown of the results, including the performance of each country, refer to the image of the leaderboard provided below.

list of winners eurovision 2024

Here are the full results of Eurovision 2024
Switzerland: 591
Croatia: 547
Ukraine: 453
France: 445
Israel: 375
Ireland: 278
Italy: 268
Armenia: 183
Sweden: 174
Portugal: 152
Greece: 126
Germany: 117
Luxembourg: 103
Lithuania: 90
Cyprus: 78
Latvia: 64
Serbia: 54
United Kingdom: 46
Finland: 38
Estonia: 37
Georgia: 34
Spain: 30
Slovenia: 27
Austria: 24
Norway: 16

All Winners of Eurovision Song Contest [19562024].

“In this section, we’ve compiled a comprehensive video showcasing all the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest from its inception in 1956 to 2024. The video highlights the triumphant moments of each winner, featuring performances from iconic artists like ABBA, Celine Dion, and Olivia NewtonJohn, to modernday champions like Måneskin and Loreen.

With a rich history spanning over six decades, the Eurovision Song Contest has become a beloved global phenomenon, celebrating music, culture, and unity among nations. Watch the video to relive the magic and excitement of each winning performance, and discover how Eurovision has evolved over the years.


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