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Full Details about Matrix Energy Group Salary Structure in Nigeria can be found here on Ejes Gist News.

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Ejes Gist News reports that Matrix EnergyGroup is an indigenous and integrated Oil Marketing and Trading Company in Nigeria that is experiencing rapid growth. The company’s business interests include shipping, commodity trading, depot operations, fertiliser blending and trading, exploration, and haulage services.


Have you been invited for an interview at Matrix Energy Group? Want to know what employees earn at Matrix Energy Group? Take a look at Matrix Energy Group’s salary structure in Nigeria below to help you increase your bargaining power during the interview.

Entry-level Matrix Energy Group Salary scale 

The monthly pay of those graduate trainees working at Matrix Energy Group is above the minimum wage. The average salary for a Graduate Trainee is ₦95,000 per month in Nigeria, which is 33% lower than the average Matrix Energy salary of NGN 144,000 per month.

Petrol pump attendants at Matrix Energy Group also earn above the minimum approved wage, they earn above ₦60,000 including other allowances.


The average salary for an experienced Graduate is over ₦120,000 per month in Nigeria subject to the areas of expertise, knowledge and qualifications.

The Matrix Group is always open to bright, talented individuals who want to be part of their team.

If you are interested in working at Matrix Energy Group, you can apply for available using this Apply Button. Apply Here.



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