May 29th: NLC opens up on planned shut down


disowns planned shut down


Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, has disowned what it describes as a false publication circulating on social media in the name of Labour and Civil Society Front LCSF, threatening to shut down the country if electoral justice is not provided by May 29.

Joe Ajaero, president of the NLC, insisted in a statement released on Wednesday that the purported statement and its contents “are not only false, but a deliberate attempt by its authors to drag the NLC and the trade union movement into their warped scheme for reasons best known to them.”



Ajaero stated, “The publication titled ‘If electoral justice is not delivered by May 29, Nigeria will be shut down’ is not only false, but also an attempt by the publication’s authors to drag the NLC and the labour movement into their twisted plot for reasons best known to them.” We were not aware of such a statement, so we cannot be associated with it or partake in its objectives.


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“Therefore, it is imperative that we inform the public that we have not finalised any plans to mobilise any of our affiliates and constituents, including the masses, in Nigeria or elsewhere for the purpose of launching any action after May 29 in the context outlined by the false statement. We disassociate ourselves from its goals and objectives and are unafraid to state that this publication is not from the LCSF.


“The Conveners of the Labour and Civil Society Front remain Ambassador Nkoyo Toyo, Senator Shehu Sani, and Olisa Agbakoba (SAN), and any publication without their imprimatur is false and can only be the work of fifth columnists attempting to use the organisation to mislead the public and create tension in the nation.


“However, we are unafraid to state that we will continue to collaborate with other well-intentioned organisations, both within and outside of the Civil Society, to ensure that the adjudicatory processes of election tribunals are fair and equitable.


“This is our shared commitment, and we do not wish for evildoers to use it to sow discord in the political system. Any group that believes it can use the LCSF’s name to spread falsehood should be on guard, as we will seek them out and expose them for what they are. We have not discussed such possibilities in any of our meetings, so it is evident that they do not belong to us. The public should therefore disregard such a publication and disregard its content.



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“We believe that the Judiciary is up to the task at hand and would demonstrate to those who have doubted them and those who have sought to ridicule them that they remain the bastion of the national conscience. They will undoubtedly demonstrate this throughout their terms in office, and we look forward to supporting them as all eyes and hopes for the nation’s redemption are currently focused on them.


“Accordingly, the NLC will not support anything that would interfere with the sacred and time-honored duties of their lordships as they conduct the various settings. We recognise that this is a marathon, not a 100-meter dash, and we are prepared to be patient as the process unfolds.



“We advise Nigerians and all workers to exercise due diligence as we continue to monitor the sittings and outcomes of Election Tribunals across the country with utmost diligence. Let us keep our eyes on.”


That is the latest on NLC disowns planned shut down




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