Mercy Chinwo N10m fee: Rev Fr Oluoma Expresses Concern Over Rising Costs of Gospel Performances in Churches

Mercy Chinwo  charges N10m : Rev. Fr. Oluoma Expresses Concern Over Rising Costs of Gospel Performances in Churches

In a recent video that has gone viral on social media, Rev. Fr. Chinenye Oluoma, a Catholic priest in the Abuja Archdiocese, has drawn attention to the escalating fees charged by popular gospel singers, particularly mentioning Mercy Chinwo, for their performances in churches. Father Oluoma lamented the growing trend of costly religious worship and criticized gospel musicians who demand exorbitant payments for their appearances in places of worship.


Addressing the issue, Father Oluoma highlighted how worship has become an expensive affair, citing the example of , who allegedly charges a staggering sum of N10 million for her performances in churches. Expressing his concern, the clergyman underscored the tragedy of Christianity being transformed into a platform where artists demand hefty fees for leading praise and worship for a mere ten minutes.

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“We have made religious worship expensive,” Father Oluoma emphasized. “If I have to bring Mercy Chinwo to come here and sing, how much will I pay her? How much does a gospel artiste of Mercy Chinwo’s status charge to come to an event or in a Church? It has reached N10 million now.”


Father Oluoma further questioned the underlying motive behind such payments, suggesting that worship has regrettably turned into entertainment, resembling a replication of worldly practices. He expressed his dismay by pointing out that even if an artiste does not perform a particular song, it should not imply that God’s love is absent.


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The priest also responded to inquiries regarding the need to compensate gospel musicians, emphasizing that if they are invited to perform, they should be remunerated accordingly because their presence serves the purpose of entertainment. Father Oluoma observed that worship has unintentionally imitated the ways of the world, neglecting the lesser-known songwriters who composed the timeless hymns still used in worship .


In drawing attention to the escalating costs associated with gospel performances in churches, Father Oluoma seeks to initiate a broader conversation on the nature of worship and the potential divergence from its core values. His remarks challenge the community to reflect on the commercialization of religious practices and the importance of prioritizing sincere devotion over entertainment.






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