Mercy Chinwo Anniversary: How she celebrates her married life


Anniversary: one month in view

Mercy Chinwo Anniversary: Mercy Chinwo, a gospel musician, posted on Instagram to mark the first month of her marriage to Uzochikwa.

Chinwo posted a picture of the two of them on Instagram, complimenting her spouse in the notes. “I can not contain my joy and excitement,” she wrote. Wow, a month has already passed; there is still so much to do.

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Mercy Chinwo

Mercy Chinwo Anniversary pictures

The best choice I have ever made, after accepting Christ. a person so full of honesty and kindness. You are proof that I am truly blessed. I adore you so much, sweetie.


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Recall how the singer was criticized last week after a Facebook user called her out for flaunting the SUV that her husband gave her as a birthday present?

“The man will buy her house and other belongings,” the poster identified as Confidence said, “but let her not get too excited with vanity and forget ministry work.”

“The goal is not to display earthly achievements in order to attract the attention of many sceptics, but to lead souls to Christ by her singing talent and grace. I trust you get it.


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We think what she is doing is admirable. Even if they are providing us with content, some people still feel oppressed.

Chinwo did not respond to this comment, but it is obvious from her most recent post that she will continue to celebrate her marriage.


The pair posted pictures from their engagement shoot to Instagram in June.

Mercy Chinwo stated, “I am blessed to be blessed with @theofficialblessed,” in her post. The blessing becomes even more real to me as I consider completing the remainder of my life with you. I adore you, Sweet. In a lavish wedding ceremony, the pair wed in August.

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