Mercy Chinwo’s fiance, Pastor Blessed, reacts to old video of him calling her his “Sister” (video)


’s fiance, , reacts to old video of him calling her his “Sister” 

Pastor Blessed, Mercy Chinwo’s fiancé, has responded to the video in which he once described Mercy as his sister.

Recall that Mercy Chinwo revealed their engagement last week on her Instagram page. Nigerians dug up a video where Pastor Blessed referred to Mercy as his sister shortly after the announcement.




Some Nigerians made fun of them by saying that when their relationship first “formed,” they were similar to “brothers and sisters.”


Well, he responded in jest. On Sunday, Pastor Blessed thanked the “special online inlaws” who have been following them since their engagement and have also come to his church during his sermon.

Mercy Chinwo and Pastor Blessed
Mercy Chinwo and Her husband Pastor Blessed


They found my old message, in which I claimed she was similar to a sister. I’m a brother, am I not? My sister is her. When the time comes for marriage, choose one of the sisters. Who would you like to choose first?.


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He said ” Wait, I’m going to meet my father and your father, Jesus told Mary Magdalene as she approached him for a hug. It has evolved into a sisterhood and a brotherhood. One family is the kingdom.


Humans have a carnal mindset. There are far too many non-believing Christians among us. We have Christians who do not believe.


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Be renewed in your thinking so you can recognize and understand when your sister has become a wife,” he advised.

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