Moment Peter Obi Slammed Dino Melaye – “I’ve Taken Enough From You” Obi Blows Hot


I’ve Taken Enough From You,’ Peter Obi Scolds Former Lawmaker, Dino Melaye at President debate.

During the presidential debate, Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s 2023 presidential candidate, did not seem willing to spare any nonentity.

At the event, which was broadcast on Arise Television on Sunday, November 6, Peter Obi chastised a former senator, Dino Melaye who had served as the Eighth Senate’s representative for Kogi’s west senatorial district for implying that his followers had taken control of the debate’s question period.


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Trouble began after Dino Melaye was captured in a video mocking one of the persons present at the presidential debate, “Obi people”.

The audience member had already stood up to ask questions of the presidential hopefuls when the former lawmaker was overheard yelling, “Na wa o! Obi people” in pidgin English.

Peter Obi snarled at Dino a former legislator, who also serves as the spokesperson for the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential council in response to Melaye’s off-hand remark.


Peter Obi Responds to Dino Melaye 

Obi, who was occupying the platform set aside for the presidential contenders, pointed at Melaye and said:

“You see what is going on here? I am not going to take it! He addressed them as Obi people. This colonel is an ANPP member, and you refer to him as a “Obi person.”

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Please stop that, Dino. Dino, stop; I have taken a lot of your stuff from you here. Why do you call me so frequently?”

Melaye, who had earlier been extremely chatty at the gathering, feigned ignorance while all of this was going on, but Peter Obi reiterated that he will not tolerate such behaviour.

Nigerians respond to the event Peter Obi Slams on Dino Melaye 

Nigerians responded to the incident by saying Melaye collect “Wotowoto.” “(back to back) from Peter obi of the Labour Party.


Raymond in a tweet stated

What specifically did Peter Obi do to these folks wrong?

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Arinze Odira responded that the incumbent players in Nigerian politics appear to be unhappy with the Labour Party’s presidential candidate since he has questioned the status quo.

Another Nigerian stated that Dino Melaye was acting like a motor park tout during such an important event that might help the nation.

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