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More Wins for Peter Obi as Popular Nigerian Comedian, Mr. Macaroni Declares support for him


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I’ll vote for president, Comedian Mr Macaroni declares

Prior to the 2023 presidential election, actor and comedian , often known as , declared his support for Peter Obi, the candidate of the .

On Saturday, Adedayo announced the news on his verified account.

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Due to Mr. Macaroni’s apparent interest in national politics, there have been online rumours about who he was camping out with before to the announcement.

However, Adedayo dispelled those rumours on Saturday with a tweet in which he named Peter Obi of the Labour Party as his top option for the position of president.


His declaration was made in reaction to All Progressives Congress youth leader Dayo Israel’s statement that , the APC’s presidential candidate, will lead the nation beginning in 2023 whether Nigerians “like it or not.

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“I do not and will not campaign for politicians,” the comedian added. I will neither compel or bribe any Nigerian to vote for a particular candidate, but in 2023, Peter Obi will have my vote! And that is it for this topic! There has been enough.

The APC Youth Leader has the audacity to tell Nigerians they have no option in elections, he continued.

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What kind of ignorant arrogance is that? Is this APC’s strategy? to exert pressure on the populace?

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“You can not murder us all! Tyranny is rejected by the people!

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