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NASIMS validation portal : How to validate your account using nasims validation link

Latest NASIMS News on Npower stipends Payment.

, Link and how to validate your account.

There’s good news for npower batch C stream 1 and 2 beneficiaries. The good news now is that those beneficiaries who have not received their stipends have been given another opportunity to validate their bank account numbers and get paid using link.

If you’re among those who have not been paid their stipends, you are to use this opportunity to validate your npower ID, BVN, NIN, and account number.


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NASIMS’ validation requirements

For you to validate your account at the Nasims validation portal, you must have the following details:

  • N-Power ID, e.g., NPWR/2020/0047022449
  • BVN is an 11-digit number.
  • NIN: “National Identification Number”
  • Bank Account..

How to validate your account at the Nasims validation portal


To validate your account at the Nasims validation portal, visit or

  Start your Validation Here.


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This message will be displayed for you.

You have received this link because you have applied for the N-POWER programme.

You are about to provide us with confidential information that will be used to validate all records that you have initially provided.

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Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

You will see Accept. You should tape the accept button…

Visit  Start your Validation Here
Graphic showing nasims validationgov ng.


Enter all the required information and validate your details.

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Congratulations you have successfully validates your account… Sit back, relax and wait for your credit Alert.  Please use the comment section if you have any questions or challenges.

If this information on NASIMS account validation is helpful, please use the share button below and share to inform others.


NASIMS Overview.

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NASIMS stands for National Social Investment Management System. It is an online platform created by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development to manage and monitor the various social investment programs being implemented by the government.


The platform serves as a database for all beneficiaries of the social investment programs and provides a means for accurate and transparent tracking of payments and progress of the programs. It also enables the government to efficiently manage the programs and ensure that they reach the intended beneficiaries.


Some of the social investment programs managed through NASIMS include the N-Power Program, Conditional Cash Transfer Program, National Home-Grown School Feeding Program, and the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program.


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