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Naval ratings kill Police Officer, injure others in Lagos


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Four members of the Nigerian Navy (NN) are accused of fatally stabbing Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Abion Hezikel in the Satellite Town neighbourhood of on Saturday night.

It was learned that the individuals working for the Central Pay Office in Apapa also injured three civilians who attempted to mediate a resolution between them and the police officers.

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According to reports, trouble began around 8 o’clock after a police team conducting a traffic check in the Oluti area pulled over four men riding two motorcycles for breaking the law.

The police officers were unaware that the men were navy personnel on mufti who had chosen not to identify themselves to be allowed to leave.


The naval agents allegedly stabbed the ASP in the chest following an argument, according to a bus driver who witnessed the incident.

One of them slapped the police team leader during the argument, and he struck back. The conflict began in this manner.
The navy personnel, who were carrying jack knives, pulled one out and began beating the officers. While drivers and other road users attempted to mediate, the soldiers turned violent and began attacking people.

“At least three additional innocent bystanders suffered injuries.”

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The man claimed, “They were prepared to kill anyone on sight.” “Many people were bleeding, so we fled from the scene.”
As the violence increased, it was reported that shop owners immediately began locking up out of concern for their safety.
When more police officers arrived on the scene and two of the suspects were taken into custody, the situation was reportedly brought under control.

According to reports, the policeman was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital after being transported there along with the ASP and three injured bystanders.

When asked about the incident, a police officer assigned to the division said: “We received a distress call that Navy and policemen were fighting in the Oluti area of the satellite.

“We sped over to the scene. When we arrived, we discovered that our men were being attacked by four sailors.

Two motorcycles carried them. The sailors stabbed our soldiers with jack knives.
ASP Abion Hezikel was confirmed dead by the on-duty doctor despite our best efforts to rush our men and three other bystanders to Adeyemi private hospital.

However, the additional officers and three bystanders who were also stabbed received medical attention and were later released.

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“Two members of the navy, Onyekachi Egwumain, 27, and Ebubechukwu Growth, 28, have been taken into custody.
The other two are still at large. We have informed the Police Command headquarters and are hoping that the military authorities will be used to arrest and turn them over to the division for prosecution.

When reached, the command’s spokesman, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed that two of the suspects were already in the State Criminal Investigation Department’s (SCID) (Panti) custody for an investigation. He also said that the military authorities had been informed and asked to turn over the other two suspects to the police.

He added that the incident had been reported to the deceased person’s family and that the appropriate steps would be taken to address it.


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