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Q1: Which of the following is the core duty of the Nigeria Navy?
(a) Persecuting of offenders
(b) Enforcing the law
(c) Insurance of Nigerian safety
(d) Deporting of foreigners
Answer: C



Q2: The NN was brought out of the Nigerian police force (NPF) in
(a) 1946
(b) 1956
(c) 1958
(d) 1964
Answer: C


Q3: The NN was formally established by the act of parliament
(a) 1963
(b) 1957
(c) 1964
(d) 1976
Answer: A


Q4: The first African country to introduce e-passport was
(a) South Africa
(b) Ghana
(c) Liberia
(d) Nigeria
Answer: D.




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Q5: How many comptrollers general has the NN gotten since the inception till
(a) 10
(b) 12
(c) 8
(d) 15
Answer: B


Q6: The present chief of staff of NN is
(a) Umar Dahiru
(b) Uhuru Kayidee
(c) Boniface Cosmas
(d) Usman Jibrin
Answer: D
Q7: The first secretary General of common wealth was
(a) George Washington
(b) Tulma Goldie
(c) Arnold smith
(d) Joseph Garba



Answer: C
Q8: Lagos became a crown colony in
(a) 1862
(b) 1861
(c) 1841
(d) 1886
Answer: A
Q9: The first war 1 was between
(a) 1911-1914
(b) 1914-1916
(c) 1916-1918
(d) 1914-1918
Answer: D



Q10: The western and eastern Nigeria became self governed in
(a) 1959
(b) 1960
(c) 1957
(d) 1956
Answer: C
Q11: The first head of government of Nigeria was
(a) Yakubu Gowon
(b) Aguiyi Ironsi
(c) Tafawa Balewa
(d) Nnamdi Azikiwe
Answer: C.

Nigerian Navy past questions and answers, Nigerian Navy Current Affairs

Q12: The first militant president of Nigeria was
(a) Sanni Abacha
(b) Ibrahim Babangida
(c) Aguiyi Ironsi
(d) Yakubu Gowon
Answer: B
Q13: Nigeria became a republic in
(a) 1963
(b) 1960
(c) 1976
(d) 1961
Answer: A



Q14: The Northern and Southern protectorate was amalgamated in
(a) 1914
(b) 1919
(c) 1921
(d) 1900
Answer: A




Q15: The first Executive president was
(a) Nnamdi Azikiwe
(b) Olusegun Obansanjo
(c) Sheu Shagari
(d) Goodluck Jonathan
Answer: C




Q16: The first colonial Governor General of Nigeria was
(a) Tulma Goldie
(b) James Robertson
(c) Huge Clifford
(d) Lord Lugard
Answer: D
Q17: The highest court in Nigeria is
(a) Court of Appeal
(b) Supreme court
(c) Federal High Court
(d) Magistrate court
Answer: B


Nigerian Navy Pass Questions, Nigeria Navy Aptitude Test, Nigerian Navy Current Affairs

Q18: ECOWAS was established in headquarter in ____________ and has it
administrative headquarter in
(a) 1967 Lome
(b) 1975 Lome
(c) 1975 Lagos
(d) 1967 Lagos
Answer: C



Q19: We had a bull evening because
(a) Hardly the talk had begun when the light went off
(b) Hardly had the talk begun when the light went off
(c) The talk had hardly begun when the light had gone out
(d) The light had hardly gone out when the talk began
Answer. A
Q20: Soyinka’s masterful_____of the atmosphere of his childhood helped to
make his book. Ake, an out right success
(a) Evocation
(b) Invocation
(c) Convocation
(d) Revocation
Answer. A.

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Q21: Students will always blame their teachers when examination results are
(a) Wont they
(b) Wouldn’t they
(c) Isn’t it
(d) Cant they
(e) Wont they
Answer. D

Q22: Okonkwo is a stubborn man, he will never_____his words
(a) Chew
(b) Spit
(c) Eat
(d) Bite
Answer C


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Q23; Kindly____me your book because my friend has ____mine
(a) Borrowed/ borrow
(b) Borrow/ lent
(c) Lend/ lent
(d) Len/ borrowed
Answer D


Q24: Three quarters of the church____painted by members the previous day
(a) Were
(b) Was
(c) Is
(d) Are
Answer: B.


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