NDLEA Recruitment: See The New Cut-Off Mark For NDLEA Screening

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NDLEA Recruitment Screening Test Cut-Off Mark: What It Means for Job Seekers”

NDLEA test cut off mark As the 2023 National Drug Law Enforcement Agency’s recruitment screening test approaches, candidates are eager to know their likelihood of receiving a job offer.

The candidate’s performance in the recruitment aptitude test is a crucial determinant for being recruited into the NDLEA. This article will delve into the specifics of the NDLEA cut off mark for the 2023 recruitment screening test.



Knowing the cut-off mark of the NDLEA recruitment exam is crucial prior to taking the exam. This will help determine if additional studying is necessary.

For those seeking information on the NDLEA exam cut off mark utilised by the anti-drug agency for employment purposes, it is advised to read this post in its entirety without skipping any details.



What is the cut-off mark for the NDLEA Recruitment test?


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has set a minimum score that candidates must achieve in order to advance to the next stage of the recruitment process. According to sources, obtaining a high test score does not guarantee a job offer. Instead, it may only advance an applicant to the subsequent stage of the recruitment process, which involves a physical evaluation of their qualifications.

NDLEA Announces Release of 2023 Recruitment Assessment Test Results

According to the selection process, candidates who have scored above the cutoff mark will be selected for further screening of their credentials, whereas those who have scored below the cutoff point are likely to be eliminated immediately.


When it comes to the NDLEA test, it is important to remember that it is a highly competitive examination. This exam stands out from any other assessments you may have encountered in educational institutions or other settings.

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In the school exam, students strive to achieve high grades through diligent study. However, the NDLEA recruitment test presents a unique challenge as millions of applicants vie for a limited number of coveted positions.

When it comes to the school test, success is determined by the amount of effort put in by the student. However, in the case of the NDLEA test, success is dependent on the number of individuals that the test-taker outperforms in the examination.


If you are selected for the job, it means that there are other candidates who will not be chosen as the available position has been filled. As you have witnessed, the exam in question is highly competitive, and it is strongly advised that you refrain from divulging your strategies to others.

NDLEA Exam Cut off Mark For 2023 Recruitment

According to reliable sources, the cutoff mark for the NDLEA recruitment screening test has been set at 40%. However, it has been gathered that candidates who score 80% and above stand a better chance of being shortlisted for the next recruitment stage.


The objective is not merely to pass the test, but to outscore other contenders.

According to sources, individuals who have completed the NDLEA screening test and achieved a score of 40% or higher have successfully passed the test. However, it has been reported that the selection process will commence with those who have obtained the highest scores.

Individuals who have yet to take the test are advised to exercise patience. It is recommended that one takes a moment to reflect and carefully consider before embarking on a new endeavour. Aspiring candidates are encouraged to obtain the NDLEA recruitment screening past questions and answers to aid in their preparation.




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