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Structure –Many people have inquired and searched about the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (NERC) wage range. This page will answer the question what is Structure Nairaland and NERC Salaries?

What is the duty of NERC?

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) is an independent body created by the Electric Power Sector Reform Act of 2005 to regulate the Nigerian electricity supply industry’s technical and economic aspects.

The Commission’s responsibilities include licensing operators, establishing operating codes and standards, establishing customer rights and obligations, and establishing cost-reflective industry tariffs, among other things. The Commission’s headquarters are located in Abuja.


– NERC Salaries

The NERC average monthly salariesis N220,500 OR N2,646,000 yearly.

Please note that we got this information from eleven (11) Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission employees.

according to roles as obtained by Ejes Gist Newspaper.

Below are the job positions at Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission and how much they receive as monthly Salaries:

  • The monthly wage for a NERC Information Technology Support Officer is N62,000 Naira.
  • is N72,000 per month
  • The salary of a Technical Engineer at Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission is N84,000 per month.
  • The monthly salary for the Assistant General Manager is N840,000.
  • The monthly remuneration for NERC’s Manager Field Engineering is N105,000.

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