New Enugu Governor, Peter Mbah Cancels Mondays Sit At Home, dares IPOB to do its worst

Peter Mbah, Enugu State Governor elect
Peter Mbah, Enugu State Governor elect

Governor Mbah Cancels Mondays Sit At Home In Enugu


Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State has declared an end to the state’s Monday sit-at-home beginning June 5.


According to Mbah, such orders inhibit the state’s innovation, entrepreneurship, and productivity.

He made the announcement while listing the decisions reached at the conclusion of his first security council meeting with the heads of all security agencies on Thursday at Government House.



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The governor reminded the populace of the direct relationship between his lofty promises and the state’s thriving economy.

“In order to transition from a public service economy to one driven by the private sector, we must liberate our markets from restrictions on commerce.



“If we desire and anticipate an influx of private sector practitioners and investors in Enugu State, we must recognize that this will not occur if we are perceived as unproductive.

“Therefore, those who go on strike on Mondays, impeding the Igbo spirit of creativity, cannot be our true representatives. In fact, they destroy our spirit, said the governor.


According to him, the Igbo land is a commercially fertile region.



However, businesses, entrepreneurship, and commerce require a robust labour force and large markets in order to flourish and generate profits.



“Therefore, beginning on Monday, June 5, there will be no observance of any sit-at-home in any part of Enugu State.


The government will enforce this with all available resources.



“My charge to all of you market men and women, the corporate world, industries, schools, civil servants, and all strata of workers in Enugu State is for us to take back our sense of industry, pride of place, and re-enact our glorious past,” he said.



He stated that by accepting the invitation, “you would have put us on the path to carrying out our mission.”


Nonetheless, he expressed the government’s willingness to engage in dialogue with those who had legitimate grievances in order to bring lasting peace and security to Enugu State.



The governor reminded the citizens of the state that on the day of his inauguration, he signed three Executive Orders to improve the state’s administration.


According to him, this includes Executive Order 002, which mandates the removal of “Unauthorised Street Barriers Across the State Within 100 Days.”

“Time is of the essence. The clock has begun ticking on the directive you have given me.


“There comes a time in the life of a people when they must decide whether they truly want to advance or remain mired in their underdevelopment,” he said.


The governor stated that the Igbos’ commercial and entrepreneurial prowess were ingrained in their DNA, making their creativity and sense of enterprise remarkable.


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“If this is how we are known, then the fact that the spirit of entrepreneurship, commerce, and creativity is extinguished every Monday in our country contradicts our reputation.


“Our restless industrial spirit abhors laziness and sloth.


“The notion of staying at home on Monday, the first working and business day of the week, is abhorrent and antithetical to the spirit of greatness and enterprise we claim to have inherited from our ancestors.


“This cannot be us, and it causes us enormous harm,” he said.


He also urged President Bola Tinubu to release Nnamdi Kanu to expedite Nigeria’s urgently required healing process.

Mbah stated that Kanu’s release was crucial to the nation’s recovery.


“I call on our newly sworn-in president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to consciously work towards Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s release.


“It will also indicate his administration’s willingness to extend brotherly hands of fellowship to the Ndigbo,” he pleaded.


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