Nigeria Civil Defence Salary Structure and their Rank


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The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) is a para-military organization in Nigeria with the primary mandate of protecting lives and properties. The NSCDC has a hierarchical structure with different ranks and corresponding salaries

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On the internet, information regarding the salary structure of the Nigeria Civil Defence is one of the most sought for facts about any paramilitary group in Nigeria. The NSCDC Corp has established itself as a popular security force in the country.

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The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps was established in 1967.  NSCDC is similar to the Nigerian Police, whose primary purpose is to protect Nigerian residents from internal threats and attacks. Members of the corps are allowed to carry weapons, and, like other military forces, Civil Defence has a structure, with different ranks for officers based on their qualifications, performance, and years of service.

Nigeria Civil Defence  rank and their salary

Here is a list of the Naira (NGN):

  1. Assistant Cadre (Assistant Inspector, Assistant Superintendent Cadre II) – ₦296,506 – ₦374,259
  2. Inspectorate Cadre (Inspector, Senior Inspector, Assistant Chief Inspector) – ₦357,385 – ₦483,014
  3. Superintendent Cadre (Chief Superintendent, Assistant Commander, Deputy Commander) – ₦419,723 – ₦546,572
  4. Chief Superintendent Cadre (Chief Superintendent, Assistant Commander, Deputy Commander) – ₦499,751 – ₦583,846
  5. Assistant Commandant Cadre (Assistant Commandant) – ₦531,574 – ₦745,231
  6. Deputy Commandant Cadre (Deputy Commandant) – ₦771,449 – ₦874,342
  7. Commandant Cadre (Commandant) – ₦1,405,449 – ₦1,619,447
  8. Assistant Commandant General Cadre (Assistant Commandant General) – ₦1,499,727 – ₦1,619,447
  9. Deputy Commandant General Cadre (Deputy Commandant General) – ₦1,759,921 – ₦1,966,281
  10. Commandant General – ₦2,272,288

Please note that these salaries are subject to change and may vary based on various factors such as qualifications, years of service, and other allowances.

Nigeria Civil Defence Salary Structure For Graduates  .



What are the NSCDC’s official ranks?.

The Nigeria civil defence rank (s) are

  • Level 18 – Commandant General (CG highest level).
  • Level 17 Deputy Commandant General (DCG)
  • Level 16 Assistant Commandant General (ACG)
  • Level 15 Chief Commander (CC)
  • Level 14 Deputy Commander (DC)
  • Level 13 Assistant Commander (AC)
  • Level 12 of the Chief Superintendent Cadre (CSC).
  • Level 10 Deputy Superintendent Cadre (DSC)
  • Level 9 Assistant Superintendent Cadre (ASC I)
  • ASC II (Assistant Superintendent Cadre) – Level 8
  • Inspectorate Cadre – Levels 6–12 (CIC, DCIC, ACIC, PIC, IC, AIC)
  • Level 2 – 5 Assistant Cadre (CAI, CAII, CAIII).

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What is the Civil Defense rank for a B.Sc holder?

Your position will start at Assistant Superintendent Cadre (ASC II) – Level 8 if you have a degree from any Nigerian university.


Those who hold a Higher National Diploma (HND) will start at level 7. Lawyers with a master’s degree begin at level nine. Chief Superintendent Cadre (CSC) – Level 12 is only open to medical doctors.

What is the Salary structure and Allowance for graduates in Nigeria’s Civil Defense?

Level 8 Assistant Superintendent Cadre – N121,000.


Cadre of the Inspectorate – N69,000.

Nigeria Civil Defence Salary Structure For Graduates . 


At the time of publication, no recruitment for the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps was underway, as the NSCDC explicitly denied recent rumours that it was doing so and warned citizens to reject such material.

The NSCDC website, as well as their official Facebook and accounts, are always updated with recruitment announcements.

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