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Nigeria Deserves Better Than Comedy Of Gaffes — Cross River APC Chieftain Cries as he Dumps Tinubu, APC


Nigeria Deserves Better Than Comedy Of Gaffes — Cross River Chieftain Dumps APC

Ray Murphy, a senior member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Cross River state, has decamped.

Murphy, who also served as John Oyegun’s adviser and was a former national chairman of the APC, said in a statement released on Sunday that Nigerians deserve better than the “comedy of gaffes” that has pervaded the ruling party.

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Bola Tinubu, the APC’s standard bearer, has made a number of public mistakes in the last few weeks that have sparked discussions among the public.

Nigerians, according to Murphy, are already traumatised and require more than what the ruling party is providing.

“I do not regret it! I have lost a lot of friends because they thought I would live a lie; they thought that like them, I would criticise the APC’s misrule in private and praise it in public. I have no idea how to use a forked tongue, he admitted.

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“I am not sorry that I left the APC where I had contributed financially, materially, and intellectually in an effort to secure better governance for our!

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“After much effort, I came to the conclusion that the APC leadership, whether in or out of government, has little regard for the common good.

I went for a walk because bringing up the public good with APC is like speaking to a stone. I did what my conscience prompted me to do, and I do not regret it.

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“I am unable to support a ticket that ignores the diversity of our nation. I am not sorry for thinking that Nigeria deserves better than the comedy of errors that the APC is trying to sell to Nigerians in order to further impoverish and demoralise an already traumatised and hopeless populace.

“I am not sorry; I seek after what is true and right. We do this by standing up for the truth and severing ties with those who prefer lies.

“We oppose those who see nothing wrong with the widespread suffering of the populace and stand with them. I do not regret standing up for what is best for our country.

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