NIMASA Salary Structure: How Much Does Nimasa Pay Its Staff


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The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, is a federal agency that oversees all maritime operations along Nigeria’s coast and waterways.

All domestic and international maritime activity is monitored and overseen by them.


Have you considered how much this company pays its employees on a monthly or annual basis?

This article examines NIMASA’s pay structure, how much they pay their employees and how much does nimasa pay its staff. First Let’s take a look at what the institution does and what its mission is in the meantime.

  • NIMASA Salary Structure.

NIMASA is an excellent choice if you want to work for a reputable organisation and earn a good salary. Employees at Consolidated Research and Allied Institutes are paid on the basis of a CONRAISS salary.


This means that the remuneration system in the public sector is entirely based on years of experience and grade level.

NIMASA Salary Structure

The salary structure of NIMASA is outlined in the table below, which includes salaries and allowances for various levels of employees.


Causal Employees

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency pays between N50,000 and N75,000 per month for causal workers, like cleaners, Gardener and Security positions.


NIMASA Salary Structure Entry Level

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency pays between N100,000 and N150,000 per month for entry-level positions. This means that employees at this level can expect to earn between N1.2 million and N1.8 million per year.

How Much Does Nimasa Pay Its Staff – Grade Level 7

A monthly salary of N90,000 is paid to employees in grade level 7.


This essentially means that personnel at this level will be paid one million Naira per year.

NIMASA Salary Structure for Grade Level 8

Employees in the eighth grade at NIMASA are paid N103,988 per month. This simply means that personnel at this level will be paid N1,247,854 million per year.



The Salary scheme described above is used by the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency to compensate its current employees. This pay structure excludes taxes and other significant deductions.

Regardless of whether or not this agency’s employees receive bonuses or other benefits, the Salary structure mentioned here is the regular pay scale.


Keep in mind that the agency reserves the right to change its Salary structure at any time and for any reason.

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