Nnamdi Kanu: Legal Team Alleges DSS is Frustrating Court Orders

Nnamdi Kanu Can’t Be Sacrificed – IPOB Cautions Justice Nyako Against Jailing Its Leader

DSS Not Complying with Court Orders, Legal Team  to Nnamdi Kanu claims. 

The legal team representing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the detained Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has raised serious allegations against the Department of State Services (DSS). They claim that the DSS is obstructing their efforts to meet with Kanu, despite court orders granting them unfettered access.

Obstacles in Meeting with Nnamdi Kanu


Chief Aloy Ejimakor, Kanu’s lead counsel, issued a press statement on behalf of the legal team, expressing frustration over the DSS’s non-compliance. The team left the DSS premises on June 14, 2024, without meeting Kanu, as the DSS allegedly refused to allow a joint audience with him. This action defies the court’s directive and hampers the legal team’s ability to prepare for the upcoming trial on June 19 and 20, 2024.

Legal Team to Nnamdi Kanu Accusations Against DSS

  • Frustration of Fair Trial Efforts

The legal team has accused the DSS of deliberately frustrating efforts to ensure a fair trial for Kanu. They highlighted that the DSS insisted on meeting Kanu individually rather than collectively, which is contrary to the court’s order. This obstruction, they argue, will complicate the upcoming hearing and demonstrates a blatant disregard for judicial pronouncements.

Call for Discontinuation of Prosecution


Given the ongoing obstructions, the legal team has urged the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) to discontinue Kanu’s prosecution. They argue that if Kanu is not given the opportunity to adequately prepare his defense, the trial itself becomes a mere facade, lacking the fundamental principles of justice and fairness.

Statement from the Legal Team

The statement released by the legal team emphasized the following points:

“As the next hearing or trial of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s case scheduled for 19th and 20th June 2024 looms close, the State Security Services (DSS) continues on its infamous path of frustrating every prospect of a fair trial for Mazi Kanu. Today, being 14th June 2024, the DSS once again exhibited its vested disrespect for judicial pronouncements when it refused Mazi Kanu’s legal team to meet with him as a team to prepare him for the said hearing/trial. The DSS insisted that members of the legal team must meet with Mazi Kanu separately or we must leave the premises. For this reason, Mazi Kanu’s team of lawyers left the DSS facility without seeing him, a situation that will surely complicate the hearing on 19th June.”

Implications of DSS Actions

  • Executive Self-Indictment

The legal team argues that the DSS’s actions are symbolic of an executive self-indictment, revealing the lack of merit in the case against Kanu. They contend that the government’s insistence on prosecuting Kanu while simultaneously blocking fair trial processes indicates a desire for a sham trial rather than a genuine pursuit of justice.


Questioning the AGF’s Intentions

The statement further questioned the AGF’s determination to continue the prosecution under these circumstances. The legal team posited that if the government is unwilling to provide the necessary conditions for a fair trial, it should reconsider the legitimacy and continuation of the case against Kanu.

Resistance to Unfair Trial

The legal team has resolved to resist any trial that violates constitutional tenets. They assert that the antics of the DSS underscore the lack of a substantive case against Kanu, and that blocking avenues for a fair hearing only serves to undermine the judicial process.


The legal team calls on the AGF to discontinue the prosecution to prevent further violations of judicial fairness. They emphasize that the only way to ensure justice is to uphold the principles of a fair trial, which are currently being compromised by the DSS’s actions.


The ongoing legal battle surrounding Nnamdi Kanu’s detention continues to evoke significant controversy. The allegations of non-compliance by the DSS highlight the complexities and challenges within Nigeria’s judicial and security systems. As the next hearing approaches, the legal team’s accusations and calls for discontinuation of prosecution underscore the urgent need for adherence to judicial fairness and the rule of law.

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