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“No conscience”, Wike Slams ex-Ministers Rotimi for seeking to be president 

“No conscience”, Wike Slams ex-Ministers Rotimi for seeking to be president 

, the governor of Rivers State, has lambasted , the immediate past minister of transportation, and Emeka Nwajiuba, the minister of state for education, for aspiring to be President in 2023 when there are challenges in the Ministries.

Wike made these comments on Tuesday, May 24, while he was addressing a political meeting in the state of Oyo. He stated that the ministers in question “had no conscience” for running for president.

“Nigerians are aware of my viewpoints. Restructuring is something I believe in.

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In the state police, I have faith. Without a state police force, which is the norm in other nations that implement true federalism, it is impossible to reduce the level of criminality in this country.

Intelligence is crucial.

You have either put an end to it or confined them before it can take place.

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Consider this: 42 people were killed in an explosion on a train, yet there has been no definitive report as of yet.

This is the kind of nation in which a Minister of Transport, following an accident in which multiple individuals lost their lives, went out the next day to gather nomination papers for the presidency.

You’re the Minister of Education, the schools have been shuttered for however many months, and the next thing you know, the minister is out collecting nomination forms for the presidency. I have never seen a country with such a lack of conscience as this one.

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