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The latest Npower news, NASIMS News, n power news today on the payment of January, February, March and April stipends, Saturday, May 20, 2023.


If you’re an Npower batch C beneficiary, then you’re probably eager to stay updated on the latest Npower news. Fortunately, we have the most up-to-date information regarding Npower batch C stipend payments and NASIMS news.



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Npower News Stream 2, and N power News updates on the payment of salaries have been published here on Ejes Gist News today.



Npower Shortlisted Candidates but not yet posted. 

The recent delay in posting those shortlisted for Npower Batch C to their primary place of assignment (PPA) has caused some anxiety amongst participants. The good news now is that NASIMS management has assured those who are yet to be posted that they need not worry, and should exercise patience.

It is a relief to know that the management is aware of the situation and is working to resolve it. This news brings hope to the many candidates eagerly waiting to start their work at their PPAs and begin their journey towards financial independence and self-sufficiency.


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Dear President Muhammadu Buhari,


I write this article with a heavy heart and a sense of urgency, hoping to shed light on a critical matter that demands your immediate attention. The non-payment of stipends to beneficiaries of the NPOWER program has caused immense distress and hardship for countless individuals and families across Nigeria. I implore you to take swift action to address this issue and restore the faith of the Nigerian people in their government’s commitment to their well-being.

For the past six months, NPOWER has failed to disburse stipends to a majority of its beneficiaries. The months of September, October, November, and December of 2022, as well as January, February, March, April, and May of 2023, remain unpaid, leaving beneficiaries in a state of financial uncertainty and despair. The reason provided for this delay is the claim that beneficiary accounts have been invalidated.

Adding insult to injury, the validation process introduced by the authorities has been riddled with technical glitches and inconsistencies. Beneficiaries have faced numerous challenges and roadblocks when attempting to validate their accounts, thereby impeding their access to the vital stipends they depend on for their livelihoods. Even those who successfully completed the validation process have not received a single payment.


This situation has created a dire state of affairs, as beneficiaries struggle to meet their basic needs and support their families. The unpaid stipends were meant to alleviate financial burdens and enable individuals to contribute to the economy. Instead, the prolonged delay has exacerbated the already difficult circumstances faced by these individuals, pushing them further into poverty and despair.

Furthermore, the disbursement of partial payments has only deepened the frustrations and confusion among beneficiaries. Some have received payments for two or three months, while others have not.

Npower January stipend payment.



According to a reliable source close to NASIMS management, the positive update is that npower’s January stipend payment will be initiated next week on Monday.


Please be informed that the payment of Npower backlog stipends is still ongoing as of the time of this report.


Latest news on  Npower Recruitment 2023

Please be advised that Npower is currently not hiring. Any advertisement promoting Npower 2023 registration is fraudulent. Please disregard it! There is no charge for Npower registration. Additionally, it has been reported that Nigeria will profit from the UK’s global partnership to combat poverty.

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Npower Resumed 2022 October, November, December Backlog Stipends Payment

In today’s Latest Npower News For Saturday 8th May 2023, we will be discussing important things that you should know about Latest Npower Stipends Payment and other related issues. So keep reading!


Nasims, the Npower management, has provided another update to beneficiaries regarding the payment of overdue stipends. Those who have not been chosen as beneficiaries are not qualified for payment, as indicated by Nasims. Beneficiaries can confidently check their Npower status via the Nasims self-service portal.

In the latest Npower news, the management of the Npower programme has resumed payment of the backlog of three months for Batch C beneficiaries. The payments for the months of October, November, and December started on the 2nd of May 2023.

Previously, the Npower management had launched a validation portal for beneficiaries to update their account details and reclaim their outstanding balance.


Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today May 6, 2023 (Aboki Exchange)

The payment process is being done gradually for those who have validated their account details. It is important to note that Npower and Nasims have not yet shared this update on their communication channels, but beneficiaries who have received payment are confirming it on their usual social media discussion platforms.

If you are a beneficiary who is yet to receive your stipends for the aforementioned months, it is advised that you remain patient as payment has commenced.October, November, December Backlog Payment


n power news today Resumed October, November, December Backlog Payment


 Resumed October, November, December Backlog Payment

The Npower programme has been known to provide support to unemployed youth in Nigeria by offering them skills and employment opportunities. The programme has been applauded for its impact in reducing youth unemployment in the country. With the resumption of payments for Batch C beneficiaries, it is hoped that the Npower programme will continue to provide support to Nigerian youth in the coming years.


Latest Npower News on January, February, March, and April Stipends Payment


This reputable online news platform, Ejes Gist News Today, reported that the government is expected to follow soon after settling the backlog of unpaid stipends to pay the stipends for the months of January, February, March, and April. Beneficiaries who have been eagerly waiting for their stipends to be paid have hope and reassurance because of this report. It is expected that the government will take swift action to address the backlog of unpaid stipends in line with its commitment to support vulnerable citizens during these challenging times.


N power news today, NASIMS News,  NPower batch C Stream 1 January stipend payment will commence very soon.

Npower Nexit 2023 Stipend , n power news today stream 2, npower news update today on salary


The Npower Programme is a social investment programme launched by the Nigerian Federal Government in 2017 to address the high rate of youth unemployment in the country. The programme provides training and employment opportunities for young Nigerian graduates and non-graduates in various sectors such as agriculture, health, education, and technology. Through the Npower Programme, beneficiaries are trained in various skills and given work placements with public institutions and private organizations for a period of two years.


The programme also provides a monthly stipend to the beneficiaries to support their living expenses. The Npower Programme has been successful in empowering thousands of Nigerian youth and reducing the high rate of unemployment in the country.

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