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Okpe Oil-Producing Communities Demand Equity and Inclusion in DESOPADEC Leadership and Urge the Government to Act Now



The Oil-Producing Communities, known for their rich oil and gas reserves in Delta Central, have been vocal about the need for fair representation and equitable distribution of resources. Despite being the largest oil and gas producer in the region, Okpe communities have faced marginalisation and exclusion when it comes to leadership positions within the Delta State Oil-Producing Areas Development Commission (). This situation has ignited fervent agitation from the , who argue that their demands for justice and equal opportunities should not be seen as confrontational but rather as a quest for a more inclusive society.

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Okpe, Ndokwa, and Ika communities are prominent oil-producing areas within Delta State. The Okpe Oil-Producing Communities firmly believe that they contribute significantly more to oil and gas production in Delta Central compared to their counterparts in Delta North. While they acknowledge the importance of providing multiple commissioners, executive directors, and board members to other oil-producing ethnic groups, the Okpe people are disheartened by their exclusion from key positions of authority within DESOPADEC.

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One of the major grievances expressed by the Okpe Oil-Producing Communities is the absence of a managing director, chairman, or executive director from their ranks since the establishment of DESOPADEC. Despite their undeniable contributions to the economic growth of the region, the Okpe people feel overlooked, marginalised, and deprived of their fair share of leadership positions. This perception has bred discontent and a sense of injustice within the community.

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Regrettably, the Okpe Oil-Producing Communities’ pursuit of fairness and representation has been met with resistance and criticism from some quarters. Those opposed to their demands accuse them of attempting to disrupt the existing peace and unity in the region. This accusation has only fueled the determination of the Okpe people to fight for their rights and reject subjugation, oppression, and tyranny.

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To the Okpe Oil-Producing Communities, the struggle for justice is an essential aspect of their identity and collective consciousness. They firmly believe that peace is not merely the absence of war but also the presence of justice. Their demands for equal rights and privileges in the distribution of resources are an expression of their longing for a society where all individuals, regardless of their background, have an equal stake in the socio-political and economic fabric of the community.

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The Okpe people maintain that their quest for fairness and inclusion is not a direct challenge to the political class or an attempt to undermine the existing order. Rather, it is an assertion of their fundamental rights and a call for the establishment of a just and equitable society. They refuse to be silenced and are determined to voice their dissent until their demands are met.

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It is evident that the Okpe Oil-Producing Communities’ struggle for justice and equality resonates deeply with its members. They draw inspiration from historical narratives of deliverance and hope for a future where their voices will be heard and their rights acknowledged.

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As the agitation for justice continues, only time will reveal the outcome of this struggle. The Okpe people firmly believe that, just as the children of Israel were delivered from the tyranny of Pharaoh, their own deliverance will come, guided by divine intervention and steadfast determination.

The Okpe Oil-Producing Communities’ demands for equal opportunities and representation in DESOPADEC highlight their unwavering commitment to justice and inclusivity. Their struggle symbolises the resilience of a people who refuse to accept subjugation and marginalisation. The path to a harmonious society lies in addressing these grievances and creating a platform for dialogue and meaningful change. I therefore call on the Delta state government to act now.

My name is
Sanco Ese
I am God’s Pen of Intervention.

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