Celebrating the Oldest Catholic Priest in Nigeria: Monsignor Thomas Turns 103

Celebrating the Oldest Catholic Priest in Nigeria: Monsignor Thomas Turns 103

Today marks an extraordinary milestone in the life of the Very Rev. Monsignor Thomas, the oldest Catholic priest in Nigeria, as he celebrates his 103rd birthday. This momentous occasion not only honors his longevity but also his unwavering dedication and service to the Catholic Church and the Nigerian community.

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Monsignor Thomas: A Life of Dedication and Faith

Monsignor Thomas’s journey is a testament to a life devoted to faith, compassion, and resilience. Born in 1921, he has witnessed and been a part of many pivotal moments in both the history of Nigeria and the Catholic Church. His steadfast commitment to his religious duties over the decades serves as an inspiration to many, both within and outside the church.



A Pillar of the Community

Throughout his priesthood, Monsignor Thomas has been a guiding light for countless individuals, offering spiritual guidance, support, and hope. His profound wisdom and gentle demeanor have made him a beloved figure in the community. His sermons, rich with insight and compassion, have touched the lives of many, reinforcing the values of love, peace, and unity.



Celebrating a Remarkable Milestone

As Monsignor Thomas celebrates his 103rd birthday, we reflect on the remarkable achievements and the profound impact he has made. His longevity is not just a marker of years but a celebration of a life filled with purpose and service. It is a moment to acknowledge the strength, faith, and dedication that have characterized his journey.

Wishing Monsignor Thomas Well.

On this special day, we extend our heartfelt wishes to Monsignor Thomas. May his day be filled with joy, surrounded by loved ones and well-wishers who appreciate the incredible legacy he has built. We pray for his continued health and happiness, and that he remains a beacon of light for many more years to come.

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Happy birthday, Monsignor Thomas! Your life is a testament to the power of faith and the enduring impact of dedicated service. May you continue to inspire and bless us with your wisdom and presence.

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Join the Celebration

We invite everyone to join us in celebrating this incredible milestone. Share your well-wishes and prayers for Monsignor Thomas, and let us come together to honor a life well-lived.

In a world that often moves at a rapid pace, let us take a moment to appreciate the remarkable journey of the Oldest Catholic Priest in Nigeria,  Very Rev. Monsignor Thomas, a true testament to the enduring power of faith, dedication, and love



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