Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old Real Or Fake. All you need to know


Is The world Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old? Real Or Fake Rumour Debunked?

After watching a video of a monk who claimed to be 163 years old a few days ago, the entire internet world was stunned. Another claim has recently surfaced, claiming the existence of a 399-year-old lady.


However, this is not the case. Some TikTok users believe the rumour. We all know how easy it is to dupe social media users into believing any hoaxes. Recently, netizens have been searching online for information on the 399-year-old viral’s rumours. We will provide you with all the information you need about 399-year-old fake rumours in this article.



Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old

Is The World Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old?

To begin, let us state that no lady has ever lived to be 399 years old, and no one in recorded history has ever lived to be 399 years old. According to records, Jeanne Chalmet, the oldest known woman on Earth, died in 1997 at the age of 122.


Jiroemon Kimura, the world’s oldest known man, died in 2013 at the age of 116. Kane Tanaka, the world’s oldest living person, is currently alive. In January, he commemorated her 119th birthday.



A video of a frail person in a hospital bed is currently making the rounds on Tiktok. Many internet users have expressed their surprise after seeing videos and reports claiming the existence of a nearly 400-year-old lady.


However, the 399-year-old rumours are untrue, and the person in the video is the same monk who became a hot topic of debate due to his age. The video has recently resurfaced on the internet, with some false claims that the person in it is 399 years old.



The World ?

The obsession with the monk’s video isn’t going away anytime soon. The Buddhist monk’s name is Luang Pho Yai, and he lives in Thailand at the age of 109.

The monk became famous after his videos were shared on TikTok by his granddaughter. @auyary13 is the username of her TikTok account.


On her TikTok account, she has several videos of Luang. Her videos have accumulated millions of views and likes.

One video in particular, in which he can be seen praying for a little girl from a hospital bed, has received over 88 million views.



On the internet, there is a rumour about a 399-year-old woman who is still alive.
Several videos claim that a woman who is nearly 400 years old is still alive. According to these social media posts, a man around the age of 169 is also alive.

Luang Pho Yai, or Lung-Ta, a Buddhist monk who is 109 years old and lives in Thailand, has gained international attention since January.

According to reports, the monk’s granddaughter posted a video of him on TikTok under the handle @auyary13, which has received millions of views in a short period of time.


In one of his videos, he is seen praying for a young girl from his hospital bed, and the video has quickly accumulated over 88 million views.

This video has received a lot of positive feedback from the internet community. Luang Ta can sense his grandson’s love and care even when he is not calling him.

Who Is Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old?

According to CNN, Kane Tanaka, the world’s oldest living person, is still alive at 119 years old, as his granddaughter claimed on TikTok and Twitter on January 1 to celebrate her birthday. “Great achievement! My grandfather has reached 119 years of age,” she captioned the video. “I hope you will continue to live well, cheerfully, and to the fullest.”


If Kane Tanaka is still alive and is 119 years old, he has witnessed many historic events, including World War One, World War Two, and the 1918 Spanish Flu.

In 2019, the Guinness Book of World Records recognised him as the world’s oldest living person, at 119 years old.

Kane Tanaka is a Japanese supercentenarian who, at the age of 119 years and 56 days, has been the world’s oldest verified living person since Chiyo Miyako died on July 22, 2018.


She is the third-longest living verified person in history and the oldest verified Japanese person.


Ejes Gist News reports she was born in Japan on January 2, 1903. She is the mother of five children. She used to own a store in Japan.

Susannah Mushatt Jones, an American lady, was also named the World’s Oldest Living Person.


Susannah Mushatt Jones, an American woman, became the world’s oldest living person and the last living person confirmed to have been born before 1900. On July 29, 2016, she received a certificate from Guinness World Records recognising her as the world’s oldest living person.

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